Bhava Phala Praveshika — 11: Dharma Bhava (9th House)

Father’s death

Phaladeepika 16.22. (1) If Mars or the Sun occupy the 9th house and, (2)The 9th lord be in a Dusthana or, (3) Betwixt two Malefics, (4) The effect will be the demise of the father of the native soon after his birth.
  • This verse clearly states that 9H should be seen from the matters pertaining to father and not 10H as many believe. Even Parashara says that 8L in the 10H cause lack of happiness from father.
  • There are certain conditions which cause early demise of father. If more of these conditions occur simultaneously, the father meets his demise very early in native’s life. The condition is Mars or the Sun occupy the 9H. Both of these are fiery planets and cause death of the relations pertaining to the bhava where they are placed. If they conjoin in any bhava, then the affliction is complete. Similarly Saturn-Rahu indicate health troubles, separation or simply denial of a relation in the native’s life. Many times, the father leave the mother before the native is born or immediately after birth. In such cases Saturn and Rahu are instrumental to cause separation.
  • In general the fiery Graha Sun, Mars, Ketu cause death troubles while airy Graha Saturn, Rahu cause absence of the relation from native’s life.
  • So, when Sun, Mars (and Ketu) are placed in the 9H, it can affect the health of father. At the same time, if the 9L is placed in a dusthana (6–8–12), then the father suffers miseries, misfortunes and losses. The situation is worsened if the 9L (and 9H) are under papakartari yoga.
  • An intelligent Jyotishi should look at both the intensity and the nature of the trouble caused by preponderance of the negative yogas pertaining to the 9H and the 9L and pronounce their judgment.

Sthira Karaka for Father & Longevity

Phaladeepika 16.23. If the Sun in the case of a days-birth or Saturn in the case of a night-birth be well placed and aspected by benefics, and if the lord of the 9th be also strong, the father of the native will live for a long time.
  • For health and longevity, the Sthira karaka of the relations should be looked at.
  • For father, Sun becomes the Sthira Karaka for day birth, while Suryaputra Saturn becomes the same for night birth (after sunset).
  • The Sthira karaka should be placed in strength (exaltation, own sign, friendly sign), susthana (Kendra, Trikona and not dusthana) and under benefic association, aspect or under subha-kartari yoga etc. give long life to the concerned relation
  • The 8H and the 8L from the Bhava should also be well placed (under benefic influence and strength) i.e., 4H and 4L in the case of father, for the relation to have long life.
  • Similarly, the Sthira karaka for mother is the stronger of Moon and Mars.
  • The day strong planets are Sun, Venus and Jupiter. The night strong planets are Moon, Saturn and Mars. Mercury is strong at the time of dusk and dawn.

7 Sthira Karaka

The 7 Sthira Karakas

Abandoned by the parents

Phaladeepika 16.24. (1) If the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) be in trine to Saturn and Mars, the child will be abandoned by both the parents. (2) But if they be aspected by Jupiter, the child will be long lived-and happy.
  • In the horoscope of adopted natives, the Sun and Moon can be seen to to be connected to the Trines of Saturn and Mars.
  • Bit not in all cases, the luminaries are placed in the trines. In some cases, the luminaries owns the signs falling in trines, at other times they conjoin the lords of trines or placed in the signs ruled by the lords of the trines. In few cases, the Luminaries are seen to be aspecting Saturn or Mars from their 7H.


Case 1: Dhanu Lagna- Ma; 2H-Su; 3H-Ju, Ve, Me; 6H-Ke; 7H-Mo, Sa; 12H-Rahu.

  • This is the chart of an adopted girl. Sun is the 9L from Mars placed in the lagna.
  • Sun is however, not directly connected to Saturn by placement or lordship of signs. The only connection is, Sun is placed in the sign owned by the lord of Trine from Saturn (who is Saturn himself). Moon is in Trine to Saturn.
  • Now we see the connection of Sun and Moon with Trines from Mars. Sun is the lord of trine from Mars. Moon is not connected to the trine by lordship or placement but it is aspecting Mars.

Case 2: Meena Lagna-Su,Ve,Me; 3H-Ju,Ma; 5H-Ke; 8H-Mo; 10H-Sa; 12H-Ra

  • This is another chart of an adopted girl.
  • From Saturn, Sun rules the 9H. Moon is aspecting the 5H from the 11H.
  • From Mars, Sun is placed with the 5L Mercury. Moon is connected to Mars by the common dispositor Venus.

Live under care of Foster-father

Phaladeepika 16.25. (1) If Saturn owning the 9th house occupy a moveable sign and be un-aspected by benefics or (2) If the Sun be in a Dusthana, the child concerned lives under the care of a foster-father.

The combined influence of the following yoga indicate that the child will be brought up by adopted parents.

  1. 9L association with movable sign (or movable sign in the 9H)
  2. Influence of Saturn on the 9L (or 9H)
  3. Sun is in a dusthana (and other negative conditions pertaining to absence of father in native’s life in previous verses)


Case 1: Dhanu Lagna- Ma; 2H-Su; 3H-Ju, Ve, Me; 6H-Ke; 7H-Mo, Sa; 12H-Rahu.

  • This is the chart of a lady who was brought up by foster parents after she was abandoned by her birth parents in a hospital.
  • Here 9L is Sun who is placed in a Saturnine sign in a movable sign Cp.
  • She was born early morning, indicating Sun as the sthira karaka. The sthira karaka is placed in the 2H who is placed in 2H, which is good for longevity.
  • The 9L and the sthira karaka are placed in enemy sign indicating misery with regards to the birth father. However, since the 9H and the 4H (and their lords) are afflicted, this does not show that the father died at the time of birth.
  • Saturn’s influence indicate separation from the father.

Native adopted by others

Phaladeepika 16.26. (1) If the 9th house or its lord being in a moveable sign is conjoined with or aspected by Saturn and, (2) If the lord of the 12th house be strong, the child born is sure to be adopted by another.
  • This is continuation of the previous verse. This reinforces the connection of Saturn and Movable sign with the 9H or the lord.
  • In addition, here it is mentioned that 12L should be strong. Lagna represent the birth place, birth circumstances, birth home etc. the 12H indicate loss of the birth place or birth home as the native is moved to the home of foster parents.


Case 1: Dhanu Lagna- Ma; 2H-Su; 3H-Ju, Ve, Me; 6H-Ke; 7H-Mo, Sa; 12H-Rahu.

  • We have earlier see the connection of the 9L with Saturn and movable sign.
  • Now we also see that the 12L is placed in the Lagna in friend sign indicating that the 12H is strong indicating loss of birth home. This is accentuated by Rahu’s placement in the 12H which cause moving away from the roots i.e., birth place and birth home.

Some important yogas from Dr. BV Raman’s Hindu Predictive Astrology

Immoral relations with the preceptor’s wife: Weak Moon occupies the 9th house in a debilitated state or Venus is bad and occupies evil conjunctions or 9th lord is debilitated.
  • 9H governs righteousness.
  • Weakness of the 9H or 9L can indicate the fall of righteousness
  • The matters that are causing the fall of righteousness can be seen from the Graha influencing in the 9H.
  • Moon or Venus occupying the 9H under weakness or affliction can indicate improper relationship. 9H rules Guru, hence the relationship can be with Guru’s spouse.
  • One need to be immediately cautioned if 9H or 9L is weak as this can indicate fall of dharma. It can be related relationship matters of Venus, Moon are involved and also when 4H is afflicted.
Remain content with his own wife: If the 9th house is occupied by benefics and the 9th lord combines with no malefics.
  • High morality and a sense of upholding the dharma is indicated when 9H and 9L are strong and / or influenced by benefics.
Birth happens when its father is not around: If the 9th lord is in the 8th house or any movable sign.
  • 9H is indicate father. Movable sign indicate traveling to a distance place. 8H indicate misfortune or misery.
  • In this combination, 9L in 12H from 9H in a movable sign indicate the father is in a distant place at the time of birth.
Righteously inclined, charitable dispositions: If the 9th lord joins the Navamsa of Jupiter.
  • Influence of Jupiter on the 9H by ownership, placement in the Rāśi chart and/ or Navamsa indicate that the native will always endeavour to uphold dharma.
Proficiency in miscellaneous subjects: If Venus, Ketu and the Sun occupy the 9th house.
  • 9H= higher education, masters degree etc.
  • Grahas in the 9H indicate proficiency in certain subjects. Venus= art forms, Sun= governance and administration etc., Ketu= occult subjects
Interested in mesmerism: Ketu in the 9th house.
  • Ketu indicates all kinds of magic, illusion, hallucination etc.
Charitable, irritable, bigoted: 9th lord is in the 4th house aspected by Saturn.
  • 9L= righteousness/ dharma; 4H= heart; influence of Saturn= falsehood.
  • Influence of righteousness on heart chakra make the native charitable. However, influence of Saturn indicate irritable nature and bigotry.
Dutiful to father: Lagna and the 9th lords are powerful and Sun is aspected by benefics.
  • 9H and Sun are related to father.
  • When 9L and LL are associated in a good place and Sun either influences the combination or Sun is well placed, the native is dutiful towards the father.
  • Similarly Guru’s influence indicate dutiful towards the preceptor.
Knowledge of metaphysics: 9th lord is in a quadrant or trine and has the aspect of Jupiter or Jupiter is in a Kendra.
  • 9H connects one to religion, faith and things related to god and godliness. The Karaka is Jupiter, the deva Guru.
  • If the 9L is well placed and influenced by Jupiter or Jupiter is well placed otherwise, the native is connected to faith and religion. They are closer to the mysteries of life, karma, dharma and purpose of human life and meaning of destiny. They are able to connect with these subjects easily.
Cold-hearted, lack empathy: Rahu and Saturn occupy the 9th house and badly situated.
  • The 9H also rules our views and attitude towards outside world. Strength of 9H and 9L makes us full of empathy for others. This is the true definition of born as human.
  • Affliction of 9H by weak and afflicted Rahu and Saturn cause the native to be completely oblivious to the obligations to the outside world. In a way such native can be selfish or self-focused.
Very wealthy: Mars and Ketu in the 9th with Jupiter in the 2nd and Mercury, the Sun and Venus in the 5th, 6th and the 7th houses respectively.
  • These can be treated as independent combinations for wealth.
  • Mars in 9H, Ketu in 9H, Jupiter in 2H, Mercury in 5H, Sun in 6H and Venus in 7H.
  • We need to verify this in horoscopes as some combinations are counterintuitive i.e., Mars or Ketu in 9H.
Wealth through children: Lagna lord joins the 9th house and combines with the 5th lord.
  • Lagna and 9H association= fortune, wealth.
  • 5H= children. Involvement of 5L with the combination of Lagna and 9H association indicate fortune through children. This can also indicate rise of fortune after birth of children.
Highly learned in mystical philosophies: Mercury is the 9th lord or aspects the 9th lord and Jupiter exalted.
  • Jupiter-Mercury association indicate knowledge of Bhagavat Gita or other metaphysical philosophies.
  • When they jointly influence the 9H of high learning, faith, religion and dharma, the native attains high knowledge of metaphysical philosophies
Foreign travels: Lagna lord and the 9th lord are combined or are in mutual aspect or mutual Kendra.
  • 9H also rules foreign travel. The other houses of travel are
  • 3H= short duration travel, vacation
  • 7H= travel for trade and commerce
  • 9H= long duration travel
  • 12H= relocation to a foreign place, pilgrimage, long voyages
  • Association of Lagna lord and the 9L indicate that the native will travel to many places in life. The native will gain from such travel, if both Lagna and the 9L should be well placed, else, there could be losses and misfortune, especially when 9L is weak or afflicted.

Some important yogas from Kundali Darpan by Satyavir Shastri

  1. 9L in dusthana or hemmed between malefics or Ma-Sa in the 9H indicate loss of father. (Comments) Combined influence of Ma and Sa on the 9H also indicate loss of father. This can happen by Ma placed in the 9H and aspected by Sa or vice-versa.
  2. 9L Sa in movable sign and devoid of benefic aspects, the native is brought up under someone else’s guardianship than biological father.
  3. 9L in the lagna gives fame.
  4. 9L Ju strong and aspected by the Luminaries indicate courage and wealth.
  5. 9L Ju strong and aspected by Su and Sa indicate the native has a saving mindset, is a treasurer, righteous and a capable leader.
  6. If 9L is aspected by strong planets in 3H, Lg and 5H, the native is highly fortunate.
  7. 9L in a Kendra, Jupiter in 9H and LL strong indicate native is highly fortunate.
  8. Ma in 2H or 4H from the 9H, and 9L in enemy sign indicates native’s father is poor.
  9. 9L in deep exaltation, Navamsa of 9H conjoined with Ju, and Ve in a Kendra indicate native’s father is long-lived.
  10. 9L in a Kendra aspected by Ve indicate the native’s father is endowed with high class conveyances.
  11. Su in deep exaltation and 9L in the 11H indicate the native is righteous, religious, liked by the king and serve the father.
  12. LL and 6L in the 9H indicate native is inimical towards his father.
  13. 9L in debility, weak 3L conjoined with 10L indicate that native will earn livelihood through begging.
  14. LL in invisible half (Lg to 7H) or the Subhapati (dispositor of Mo) in the 9H, then the native is fortunate throughout life.
  15. Ra in 9H in a Me sign, luminaries in the Lg, and Me is strong indicate is fortunate and wealthy beyond expectations.
  16. Exalted Ju or Ve in the 9H and other benefics also aspect the 9H indicate the native attain high position in life such as judge, minister, governor etc.
  17. Mo or Me in the 9H makes the native a scholar.
  18. 9H occupied by Sa in own sign or exaltation indicate many foreign travels by the native.