Guru in Lagna Bhava for different Lagnas

Guru’s placement in the Lagna is highly extolled as it is the greatest protection for all evils in the horoscope. Having said that, the level of its blessings and its protection varies depending on the Lagna of birth.

  1. Mesha Lagna: Guru is the Bhagyesha and Vyayesha for Mesha Lagna and its placement in the lagna in a friendly Rasi is highly welcome. Guru behaves more of a Bhagyesha because of its Bhagya bhava holds its mulatrikona. The native can be somewhat corpulent, but is usually handsome and healthy. Placement of Bhagyesha and Dhanakaraka Guru in the Lagna in a mitra Rasi blesses the native with abundant wealthy. The native is good natured and charitable due to the benign influence of Guru. Positive influence of Guru on the lagna makes the native widely famous. Guru and Chandra are the primary karakas of fame. Hence, their placement in the lagna with strength gives wide fame. This position is somewhat negative for wife as the 7th house is governed by inimical Shukra. Guru gives some health problem to the wife especially relating to matters governed by Guru viz., ears, stomach, delivery of children, chest etc. There is no doubt that Guru’s dasa is just outstanding. In this Dasa the native native attains high office or position and excellent success in professional front.
  2. Vrsha Lagna: Guru and Shukra are at loggerheads with each other, especially Guru is more inimical towards Shukra than the reverse. Shukra being Uccha in Guru’s Rasi is neutral towards Guru. Thus when Guru occupies Vrsha and Tula, it is bound to give some negative results. Even though Guru is the best benefic by nature, its occupation of Vrsha Lagna is not conducive in longevity matters, i.e., at most it is inert in this matter. However, that does not means that it causes infant mortality. On the other hand, true to its nature, it protects the native from any danger to his life in infancy and childhood. Guru is the 8th and 11th lord for this Lagna, both are extremely punishing and injuring. Placement of such Guru in the Lagna gives much troubles with regards to matters governed by Guru i.e., matters of progeny. The native either has difficulties in begeting children or he has to suffer some miseries on that account. This is also true due to Guru’s aspect on the 5th house owned by Budha, an impotent Graha. Guru being such a functional malefic, its aspect on the 7th house of marriage does not give happiness from that either. Its aspect on the 9th house in its Neecha Rasi also gives adverse results with regards to the father.
  3. Mithuna Lagna: Guru is the lord of two Kendras 7th and 10th, hence suffer from kendradhipatya Dosa. Guru is also the Badhaka for this Lagna. Thus Guru causes some obstacles in life, especially those pertaining to matters governed by Guru. Usually childhood coinciding with Guru dasa is difficult and full of instability and challenges. Stability and prosperity comes only after marriage, thanks to Guru’s aspecting its own Rasi in the 7th house and occupation of the 7th lord in the Lagna. For Gemini Lagna, this is perhaps the best position for the 7th lord to be in for stability in marriage. Being the 10th lord, Guru’s placement in the Lagna is harbinger of success, after initial difficulties and obstacles (Badhaka effect). But since Guru is not positive towards Budha, the status and position granted by the 10th lord in the Lagna is limited.
  4. Karka Lagna: Perhaps this is the best position for Guru to be placed in the Lagna among all the Lagnas as this also gives rise to the Hamsa Mahapurusha Yoga. Among all the Kendras Hamasa Mahapurusha Yoga in the Lagna is best, because Guru attains Dikbala in Lagna. Here, Guru is the lord of 6th and the 9th houses, where 6th holds the mulatrikona Rasi. While there are blessings of the 9th lordship, there are ample challenges posed by the 6th lord in the Lagna. The exaltation of the 9th lord and Guru in the Lagna is simply outstanding. There is abundant Purvapunya (merits of the past births) due to such a grand placement of the 9th lord in the Lagna and it can also means that this could be the last birth for the native. This is the only Lagna where the 9th lord is exalted in the Lagna. Just imagine what a blessing! The strong influence of the 9th lord and Guru on the lagna indicate that the native will take a leading role in propagating Dharma and the righteous path. Depending on the overall theme of the horoscope, the native can either be a highly successful in worldly achievements or become a spiritual giant. For instance, if Shukra is strong and favourable, the native can be pulled in the direction of material success. However, strength and favourable influence of Sanyasa Karaka Shani or Ketu, can pull the native in the direction of spiritual success. The strength of the other planets and the overall theme needs to be judged before making the final judgement.
  5. Simha Lagna: For Simha Lagna, Guru is the lord of 5th and 8th house, with 5th hosting its Mulatrikona Rasi. Hence Guru behaves more as a 5th lord and less as the 8th lord. Nonetheless the blemish due to the 8th lordship is not removed altogether. The occupation of the 5th lord in the Lagna, being Guru, is a excellent combination for power and influence. A great Rajayoga is formed provided the child passes his Guru dasa, if that dasa happens to operate at birth. The 8th lordship of Guru poses danger to the life of the child if its dasa operates at birth. The child however, is free from danger after 12 years (for 12 Rasis) even if the dasa of Guru continues thereafter. The placement of 5th lord in the lagna in a male sign, ruled by male grahas indicate Plenty of male children. This is made even certain as Guru aspects its own Rasi in the 5th house. Guru aspects the 7th in Kumbha and 9th in Mesha indicating some troubles in married life (aspect of 8th lord on the 7th) and rise of grand fortune due to its aspect on the 9th. The positive placement of the 8th lord (of Meena Rasi) and its aspect on the 9th house of fortune also indicate gain of fortune from underwater sources (under= 8th, water= meena rasi).
  6. Kanya Lagna: Guru is inimical towards Budha while BUdha is neutral towards Guru. For Kanya Lagna, Guru being the 4th and 7th lord, suffer from Kendradhipatya Dosa, however that is removed by its placement in the Lagna. Occupation of Guru in Dikbala in a Shubha Rasi is going to be positive in most counts. The native becomes very prosperous in Guru Dasa. Overall, he is blessed with good fortune, long-span and also happiness in marriage. Guru is also Badhaka for this lagna and its occupation does pose some occasional troubles for this Lagna such minor skirmishes in Marital life etc.. The ideal situation is when Uccha Budha conjoins Guru in the Lagna, whereby the native acquires great wealth and fortune.
  7. Tula Lagna: Tula is not a great place for Guru to be in as it is Guru’s Shatru Rasi. For this Lagna Guru is the lord of 3rd and 6th Bhavas, hence a dire functional malefics. The results are somewhat similar to Guru in Vrsha Lagna. Although Guru protects from child mortality, the longevity can be curtailed. There will be frequent troubles with regards to health, enemies etc. due to Guru’s rulership of 6th. Aspect of 6th lord on the 7th house can cause diseases to the wife and there can be frequent fights. But the marriage stays on as Guru aspects its mitra rasi in the 7th house. On the positive side, Guru being the 3rd lord and its placement in a Rasi governed by another preceptor i.e., Shukra gives talent in writing and communication. The native is however not fortunate with regards to children and divine blessings.
  8. Vrschika Lagna: Guru and Mangal are good mutual friends and Guru is also a functional benefic for this Lagna, being the lord of 2nd and 5th. But since 2nd house holds Guru’s mulatrikona, it can indicate some troubles as well. This placement of Guru in the Lagna blesses the native with overall good life and fortune. Being the 5th lord in the Lagna aspecting 5th house in Svakshetra gives happiness with regards to children. Its aspect on the 7th house in Vrsha gives happiness in marriage but with occasional misunderstanding due to aspect on a Shatru Rasi. Guru being the lord of family, its placement in a mitra rasi in the Lagna is conducive for the family. However, due to the influence of Maraka Guru on the Lagna, the native may suffer from diseases pertaining to Vrschika Rasi such as hernia, swollen testicles etc.
  9. Dhanu Lagna: This is another excellent place for Guru to be in, being the Lagna and Sukha lord. Like being in Karka, this generates a powerful Hamsa Mahapurusha yoga. The native has abundant blessings of the divine. From here Guru aspects the 5th Mesha and 9th Simha falling in mitra rasi indicating happiness from children, father, guru etc. However, its aspect on the 7th on a Shatru Rasi gives a minor blemish with regards to marital life. There is a school that believes that the native either seeks relationship with other women or will marry twice. In my view, Dhanu Guru Lagna native will have very strong ideals, hence they will not seek extra-marital relationships. However, if Budha and Shukra are unfavourable and occupy a dvisvabhava rasi, then there could be more than one marriage.
  10. Makara Lagna: Guru is adverse to this Lagna as it holds its neecha Rasi. Here, Guru owns the 3rd and 12th houses, hence, very negative. 3rd house carries the energies of the 8th, being its Bhavat-Bhavam. Hence, this placement is considered negative on many counts. There is usually miseries pertaining to co-borns (3rd), heavy expenditure (12th), children (5th aspect on a shatru rasi), and fathers and gurus (9th aspect on a shatru rasi). The marriage is however protected due to aspect on its Uccha Rasi. But because of aspect of 3rd and 12th lord, occasional skirmishes can’t be ruled out. If however, Jupiter gets Neecha-bhanga, the native becomes very famous and wealthy.
  11. Kumbha Lagna: Kumbha Guru is akin to Karka Guru as per Varahamihira i.e., Guru is akin to Uccha. This is an excellent position for supreme knowledge especially on philosophy, and other hidden areas. Guru is the lord of 2nd and 11th. 11th lordship is not considered auspicious as it carries the vibrations of the 6th house indicating diseases, enemies, opposition etc. The 2nd lordship makes Guru a Maraka. This is not a favourable position for happiness from children due to its aspect on the 5th on a Shatru Rasi. Also the blessings of the gods and gurus are lacking due to aspect on the 9th in another Shatru Rasi. However, the marriage is protected due to aspect on a mitra rasi in the 7th, but again occasional skirmishes can be seen due to 11th lordship of Guru. From another angle, Guru is the lord of two important houses of finances, hence, its placement in Kumbha can give good finances, but for that Guru need to be placed in Good Navamsa. According to Saravali, when Guru occupies Kumbha, the results are “tale-bearer, spiteful, interested in evil Jobs, chief among his clan, attached to base men, malicious, miserly, suffer from diseases, lose wealth on account his speech, devoid of intelligence and virtues and violate elder’s beds”. These negative results can be felt if Guru is weak in navamsa and / or afflicted. However, if Guru is strong, then the native can become the chief of his clan or a great leader, especially on account of his knowledge.
  12. Meena Lagna: This is one of the most outstanding placement of Guru as Guru is the 10th lord in addition to being the Lagna lord. The placement of the lord of the strongest Kendra is always extolled and even more so when it is causing the Hamsa Mahapursha Yoga. The native attains very high position of leadership and authority. In addition, the excellent placement of Guru and Lagnesha in the Lagna promises long lasting fame. Meena Rasi being the Rasi of the Maharishis and Guru being the karaka for knowledge and Lagna the intellect, this combination blesses the native with supreme intellect and knowledge. The native is also physically strong and the live is full of overall joy and happiness.