Lagna #3: Mithuna Lagna

Key Characteristics of this Rasi

  1. This is the natural Sahaja sthana, the natural 3rd house of courage and enterprise.
  2. This is a Dual sign, indicating adjustment and adaptation.
  3. This is an intellectual (self-reflection, introspection) Rasi, being a Vayu Rasi.
  4. The Rasi is symbolised by Maithuna, Copulation. A couple embracing each other.
  5. Rahu attains Uccha here and Ketu Neecha.
  6. The Lagnesha Budha attains Uccha in the Sukha sthana and Neecha in the Karma Sthana.
  7. Shani and Shukra are the friends of the Lagnesha Budha. Shani attains Uccha in the Mantra Bhava and Neecha in the Labha Bhava. Shukra attains Uccha in the Karma Bhava and Neecha in the Sukha Bhava.
  8. Chandra is fond of Budha, Surya and Mangal are neutral towards Budha, and Guru is inimical towards Budha.
  9. Friendly Chandra owns the Dhana Bhava and attains Uccha in the Vyaya Bhava, and Neecha in the Shatru Bhava.
  10. Neutral Mangal owns the Shatru Bhava and Labha Bhava. It attains Uccha in Randhra Bhava and Neecha in the Dhana Bhava.
  11. Neutral Surya owns the Sahaja Bhava, attains Uccha in the Labha Bhava and Neecha in the Mantra Bhava.
  12. Inimical Guru owns the Jaya and Karma Bhavas. It attains uccha in the Dhana Bhava and Neecha in the Randhra Bhava.

Effect of Birth in this Lagna

Saravali 48.10–13. Mithuna Lagna. (1) Has a dear wife, (2) Fond of ornaments, (3) Charitable, (4) Respectable, (5) Two mothers, (6) Favourable even to his enemies, Destroy even fearful enemies, (7) Interested in music, fine arts, Vedas, Shastras, amusement, poetry etc., (8) Gentle, (9) Fond of beautification, (10) Conceited, truthful, impatient and crafty, (11) Evil sons, (12) Few relatives, (13) Limbs are of irregular sizes, (14) Round eyes, (15) Fierce in appearance, (16) Endowed with lands, jewels, gold etc.
  1. Has a dear wife: Lagnesha is friendly to Karaka Shukra. 7th lord Guru attains uccha in the 2nd house of family. Karaka Shukra attains Uccha in the Rasi ruled by the 7th lord Guru.
  2. Fond of ornaments: Love and liking comes from the 5th house. 5th House falls in Tula Rasi, ruled by Shukra, the graha ruling femininity and love of ornaments.
  3. Charitable: Charity comes from strong Dharma, 9th house. 9th lord Shani attains Uccha in the 5th house of love and psychology. What prevails in the mind is seen from the 5th house. Also the 9th co-lord Rahu attains Uccha in the Lagna.
  4. Respectable: Respect and honour comes from the strength of the Lagna. Who attains Uccha in the Lagna? 9th co-lord Rahu, that of preceptor and masters, attains Uccha in the Lagna.
  5. Two mothers: The Rasi is not positive towards Chandra as Budha is inimical towards it. Mithuna is also a Dual Rasi indicating two mothers. Lagnesha Budha attains Uccha in the 4th house of mother, another dual Rasi, indicating two mothers. One is the real mother, another one can be an maternal aunt.
  6. Favourable even to his enemies, destroys even fearful enemies: There is strong connection of the Shatru Bhava with this Lagna. Because the 6th house and the 6th from the 6th house both owned by Mangal. So the same graha owns both the 6th and 11th house. The native is not perturbed by enmity because of the nature of Lagnesha Budha. Budha is the karaka of non-violence and is the counterforce of Mangal, the graha of violence and aggression. Budha keep the mind undisturbed. Also look at the 5th house which gives Stamina and Balance of mind. It is where the graha of sorrow and pain, Shani, Gains Uccha, indicating high tolerance towards disturbing forces. Why the native destroys even fearful enemies is tricky! This power is given by fierce Rahu who attains Uccha in the Lagna and the courage given by Surya. 6th lord Mangal is neutral (sama) towards Budha, while Budha is also neutral towards Mangal. Hence, such native will not have much enmity in life, unless, Mangal and Budha are badly placed from each other.
  7. Interested in music, fine arts, Vedas, Shastras, amusement, poetry etc.: Mithuna is the Rasi of communication and interaction with the outside world. It is symbolised by a couple having intimate conversation. Lagnesha Budha is the Karaka for learning and since the Karaka for Shastras i.e., Shukra and Guru, are well disposed towards this Lagna, the native is interested in various forms of music, fine arts, Vedas, Shastras etc. Also look at the 2nd house governed by Chandra. Chandra= Signing, Guru attains Uccha here. Guru = Vedas, Shastras. Also Look at the 5th house ruled by Shukra. Shukra= amusement, poetry, Shastras etc.
  8. Gentle: The nature of Lagnesha Budha is gentle, innocent, playful and childish, one who loves to experiment,
  9. Fond of beautification: Same as #2, i.e., fond of ornaments.
  10. Conceited, truthful, impatient and crafty: Contradicting character indicated by the Dual sign governed by Budha. Budha has dual nature. It becomes Shubha in the company of Shubha graha and becomes Krura in the company of Krura graha. It can become highly truthful in the company of Guru, pleasure seeking in the company of Chandra, knower of the Shastras in the company of Shukra and can become crafty in the company of Rahu. Mithuna is the Uccha kshetra for Rahu indicating craftiness.
  11. Evil sons: 5th lord Shukra attains Neecha in the house of comforts and happiness i.e., 4th house. Also 8th lord Shani attains Uccha in the 5th house, indicating children with undesirable character.
  12. Few relatives: 11th lord of friends, Mangal is neecha in the house of family. The 5th lord of likings attains Neecha in the 4th house of Bandhu (kinsmen). The house of family becomes weak in the 6th house of maternal relations, indicating weakness in that house in the area of family.
  13. Limbs are of irregular sizes: It is not clear why the limbs should be of irregular sizes for this Lagna.
  14. Round eyes: Eyes = 2nd house, owned by Chandra, indicating round eyes.
  15. Fierce in appearance: Uccha Kshetra of Rahu, one who is fierce in appearance.
  16. Endowed with lands, jewels, gold etc.: Land because Lagnesha is exalted in the 4th house of land and the Karaka for Land, Mangal owns the 11th house of gains. Jewels and gold because, Karaka Surya attains Uccha in the 11th house of Gains.
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