Results of various Rasi falling in the Vyaya Bhava (12th House)

  1. Mesha: (2.301). Spending on desirable food and clothing, increasing the number of quadrupeds (cattle), gainful undertaking, improvement of body fitness and vigour.
  2. Vrshabha: (2.302). Spending on various kinds of garments, company of women, gainful undertaking, government deeds, showing influence, prowess and strength; in trade of metals and minerals with capable people.
  3. Mithuna: (2.303). Spending excessively on vices pertaining to women, on account of troubles due to ghosts and goblins, on evil and ugly deeds, company of vicious people, looking after elephants.
  4. Karka: (2.304). Spending on matters pertaining to Devata and Brahmins, yajna (fire sacrifice) and spiritual practices. Thus they gain praise from noble souls.
  5. Simha: (2.305). Spending excessively on physical appearance, children, vicious acts, fulfilling order of the king; losses due to theft. Thus they are humiliated in the society.
  6. Kanya: (2.306). Spending excessively on account of greed towards women, marriage, auspicious events such as sacred thread investiture ceremonies, and serving the pious (sadus).
  7. Tula: (2.307). Spending on Devata, Brahmins, siblings and kinsmen, on vedas, smrtis and such spiritual scriptures, on following the practices of yama-niyama (ref: astanga yoga), protection of children and wealth. He gains fame due to such spending.
  8. Vrschika: (2.308). Spending on account of remedying troubles arising out of natural phenomenon (earthquake, storms etc), supporting wicked friends, getting out of the bondage from thieves and dacoits etc. The native is humiliated and insulted in the society.
  9. Dhanu: (2.309). Spending on account of swindling and deceiving others, showing off in the company of vicious people, serving and looking after people of own community, agriculture.
  10. Makara: (2.310). Spending on account of partaking food of sinful people, associating with activities pertaining to own community. The native is engaged in small scale agriculture, lack of resources, and is humiliated in the society.
  11. Kumbha: (2.311). Spending on account of serving the holy feet of devata, saadhak (yogi), brahmins and tapasvis.
  12. Meena: (2.311). Spending on account of wicked children, food and drinks (alcohol etc.), litigations and travels.

Om Tat Sat



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