Results of various Rasi falling in the Labha Bhava (11th House)

  1. Mesha: (3.289) Gains through quadrupeds, serving the king or the sovereign, and much financial gains through serving in a foreign land.
  2. Vrshabha: (3.290). Financial gains through influential people, women, noble people, from some lowly work, serving the holy cow, and religious (dharma).
  3. Mithuna: (3.291). Blessed with much financial gains, kind towards women and wife, gains through collection of expensive artefacts, things used for sitting (chairs, sofas etc.), and attain reputation and fame among the businessmen.
  4. Karka: (3.292). Blessed with much financial gains through serving influential people, agriculture, study and practice of profound sciences, serving the noble souls.
  5. Simha: (3.293). Gains through lowly (vicious) acts, through killing of people, or binding them, physical exercises, sports, bodybuilding, wrestling, activities requiring frequent change in place (army, police etc.).
  6. Kanya: (3.294). Gains through practice of the spiritual scriptures and Vedas (knowledge based work), through humility, serving others through extraordinary discernment (advising and consulting work).
  7. Tula: (3.295). Gains through various kinds of trade, and happiness, satisfaction and contentment and excessive praise through serving noble souls, through gratitude and humility,
  8. Vrschika: (3.296). Fulfil owns objective and desires (and also gain from that) through deception, swindling, sinful activities, sweet speech (deceiving), backbiting and criticising (or insulting) others.
  9. Dhanu: (3.297). Enjoy many kinds of pleasures in the company of the king and influentials, gain through serving the noble souls, own capability, through spy and messenger (secret agent).
  10. Makara: (3.298). Gains through ships and ports (maritime activities), living in a foreign land, serving the king. He is of extravagant nature i.e., can’t save much wealth.
  11. Kumbha: (3.299). Gains through vicious acts. Gain company of noble souls who are sacrificing, engage in righteous acts, valour and knowledge or scholarly activities.
  12. Meena: (3.300). Gains through friends, honouring the king (through some talent), speech, through love and empathy (charitable acts towards the poor and downtrodden).



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