Secrets of Sudarshana Chakra Dasa: Part 1

Rahu in Kendra, Kona and Randhra cause destruction

Rahu is a highly malefic planet in the horoscope and it needs to be carefully seen for understand the areas in life it is negatively impacting. In a horoscope, determine the Rasi where Rahu is placed. From there, count Kendra (1–4–7–10), Kona (5–9) and Ari (6). From these places, Rahu will be placed in a Kendra, Kona or Randhra and will suffer destruction when the period of that sign is under operation.

Phalita Martanda 15.4. The Bhava having Rahu in its Kendra, Kona or 8th house suffers destruction during the period of that Bhava.
Phalita Martanda 15.5. The Bhava conjoined with Rahu certainly gets destroyed. The Bhavas having naisargika Shubha grahas in the Kendra, Trikona and Randhra from them prospers.

For instance, in the given horoscope, Rahu is debilitated in Vrschika Rasi. The various Rasis affected by this are:

  • Kendra: Vrschika (1), Kumbha (4), Vrsha (7) and Simha (10)
  • Kona: Meena (5) and Karka (9)
  • Ari: Mesha (6)

The next step is to look at the Bhavas falling in these Rasis. The Bhavas need to be seen from three points (1) Janma Lagna (JL), (2) Chandra Lagna (CL), (3) Surya Lagna (SL).

  1. Vrschika: 12H (JL), 1H (CL), 4H (SL)
  2. Kumbha: 3H (JL), 4H (CL), 7H (SL)
  3. Vrsha: 6H (JL), 7H (CL), 10H (SL)
  4. Simha: 9H (JL), 10H (CL), 1H (SL)
  5. Meena: 4H (JL), 5H (CL), 8H (SL)
  6. Karka: 8H (JL), 9H (CL), 12H (SL)
  7. Mesha: 5H (JL), 6H (CL), 9H (SL)

The houses impacted are

  • 1H: CL*, SL
  • 2H:
  • 3H: JL
  • 4H: SL*, CL, JL
  • 5H: CL, JL
  • 6H: JL, CL
  • 7H: SL, CL
  • 8H: SL, JL
  • 9H: CL, SL
  • 10H:
  • 11H:
  • 12H: JL*, SL

* are the houses occupied by Rahu reckoned from the specified Lagna. In this example, from Chandra Lagna, 1H is affected by Rahu’s occupation, 4H is affected from Surya Lagna, and 12H is is affected from Janma Lagna.

This indicates that The 2nd house, 10th house and 11th house are not getting impacted by Rahu at all from all the three points Janma, Chandra or Surya Lagnas. They can be called the immune houses from troubles in life. On the other hand 4th house is extremely affected from all the three Lagnas. From Janma Lagna it is a Kona from Rahu, from Chandra Lagna it is a Kendra from Rahu and from Surya Lagna, it is also a Kendra from Rahu. Thus the 4th house is the most negatively impacted house in the horoscope and the native will suffer from severe danger (Arista) due to Rahu.

The houses 5th to 9th and then 12th houses are suffering on 3 counts. Among them, their level of negative impact will vary based on the reference points from where they are getting impacted. The level of importance can be taken as 3 pada for Lagna, 2 Pada for Chandra lagna and 1 pada for Surya Lagna. The maximum negativity for a house from this viewpoint can be 3+2+1 = 6 pada.

3H impact is thus, 3/6 = 50%. 5H impact is 2(CL)+3(JL)=5, which is 5/6=83%. But the 9H impact is 2(CL)+1(SL)=3, which is 3/6=50%. Thus the impact of Rahu on all the houses need to be judged.

Where the Bhava is occupied by Rahu, the weights need to be multiplied by 2. For instance the weight for Janma Lagna is 3 for 12H. This is to be multiplied with 2, which makes it 6. The total negative impact point for 12H is 6 (JL) + 1 (SL) = 7. The total negative impact for 12H is thus 7/6 = 116%.

The next step is to ascertain the period. Lets take the 4H which is severely afflicted. When 4 (for 4th house) is added to multiples of 12, that will give the age on which the native will suffer in the matters of the 4th house, due to Rahu. There are two methods of timing.

  1. Fixed Lagna: According to this method, irrespective of the 12 years cycle, the Lagna is fixed. In this method, deriving age is straightforward. The age will be 4 + (0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and so on). Thus the age in which the trouble is signified are 4, 16, 28, 40, 52, 64 and so on.
  2. Progressed Lagna: According to this method, after every 12 years, the Lagna moves to the next house. Thus for the 1st 12 year cycle, the Lagna coincides with the Janma Lagna (and also Chandra and Surya Lagna). For the 2nd cycle, the Lagna is in the 2nd house, for the next cycle, the Lagna moves on to the 3rd house and so on. According to this, the age signified by 4H are 4, 15, 26, 37, 48, 59 and so on.

It is easy to compute the ages mentally. For fixed Lagna method, the succeeding ages can be derived by adding 12 to the previous age. However, for moving Lagna method, the succeeding ages can be derived by adding 11 to the previous age. My recommendation is using the moving Lagna method.

The negative impact on the 9H i.e., 50% can impact one of the areas of native in the 9th house matters. In what years, it can be 9th, 20th, 31st, 42nd year etc. The native lost his father in the 20th year. Note that only noting Rahu’s position is not sufficient to predict demise of a person. This is just one of the contributing factors among many.

Determining the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness index using 3 Lagnas involve elaborate calculation of graha (Shubha or Papa) occupying the Kendra, Kona and Randhra from all the Bhavas. That can perhaps be taken up in subsequent articles.

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