The Power of Randhresha

While the 9th house is the governor of Saubhagya (good fortune in our life, the Durbhagya (bad luck) is governed by the 8th house. Why? Because 8th being 12th from the 9th house represent loss of fortune.

The natural 8th house in the zodiac is Vrschika Rasi which cause neecha of Chandra which is intimately linked to sustenance in this world. The natural 8th house is ruled by Mangal and Ketu, the two chief army men, both Agni grahas and of the Deva (sura) camp.

Ketu truly embodies the vibrations of the 8th house as it is the most unpredictable planet in Jyotish, one who doesn’t have a head and hence completely erratic in its behaviour like a headless chicken. But this attribute has a positive connotation as well. It can make one sense (feel) the bigger picture, abstract ideas which are difficult to grasp.

Mangal on the other hand is highly rational and has an razor sharp and surgical intellect. But it is the Karaka for Mrtyu or death.

Another Graha is also important to complete the picture, Shani, who is the karaka for the Dusthana. There is no trouble in the world that is not linked to Shani. The transit of Shani with regards to Chandra is known to precipitate various troubles especially when it’s in 1–2–4–8–10–12 from Chandra. Shani is highly inimical to Chandra and casuals depression of the mind.

8th house is known as Randhra, which means hole. It is a deep pit or crevice where the Sunlight does not reach, as indicated by Vrschika. In the universe, it can be equated with a black hole which has such gravitational pull that even light can’t escape them, hence they can’t be seen. They put the time to complete halt. Such is the power of the 8th, the power abnormally huge and unstoppable, similar to that of Tsunami, hurricanes, cyclones, forest fires, volcano, Avalanche etc. Which can cause huge damage (Ketu and Mangal) to the world (Chandra). Bring everything to zero and back to square one.

So, let’s focus on the 4 planets 8th lord, Ketu, Mangal and Shani. They carry the vibrations of the 8th lordship in various degrees. Two planets being 8th lord are exempt here. Who? The luminaries Surya and Chandra as they the giver or light, so can’t carry the dark energy of the 8th house. Now, what happens when a Bhava or Graha is influenced by at least 3 factors among the 4 planets, and the 5th and 6th factor being 8th house and Vrschika Rasi? Won’t you expect a volcano, forest fire, tsunami or a cyclone there? Something that is very sudden, completely unpredictable and highly disastrous? Think about it!

Where is the black hole in the horoscope, that can catch you completely off guard? What can you do about it? Who can provide the remedy? Who can stand against the dark forces or the Tamas? Will the Sattva grahas Guru, Surya and Chandra have a role to play? When we are in a big trouble (8th) we immediately think of god (9th). Why?

The blemish due to the 8th lordship of a Graha can only be removed by one of the 3 conditions (1) 8th is lorded by Surya, (2) 8th is lorded by Chandra, (3) 8th lord also owns the Lagna. In this case the 8th lord does not remain evil anymore. Although the 3rd condition is conditional, as Laghu Parashari says that it becomes favourable only when the lord occupies its own Rasi. But many other savants of Jyotish opine that Lagnesha can never be unfavourable, even if it owns the 8th and irrespective of its position it will remain favourable. This is something worth testing!

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