Thoughts on Gochara of Grahas

In this article on Guru’s Gochara Phala, I discussed about the results of Gochara of Guru. Almost all the Jyotish classics have mentioned about the transit of planets. Certain results are ascribed to planet in certain positions from Chandra. Here are some thoughts on this topic.

We are slave of our mind. When we feel delighted and positive, we undertake many positive endeavor. On the other hand when we are sad, depressed and dejected, we don’t feel like doing anything great, we just tend to hang on to what we have. Thus, in Jyotish Chandra is given prime importance over the Lagna. While Chandra stands for our mind, Lagna stands for our Intellect. The intellect is used in the right direction on when the mind is positive. Thus, the results seen from Lagna is positive only when Chandra is positive. This applies significantly in the judgement of Gochara of the grahas. While the Gochara should be seen from both the Lagna and Chandra Lagna vide Phaladeepika, judgement from Chandra always precede those seen from Lagna.

Sometimes, the difficulties indicated by the transit of certain houses from Chandra, coincide with good Gochara from the Lagna, after much difficulties good results are obtained. For instance, we know that transit of Guru over the 9th lord or 11th lord can give success and gains. However, what if the transit happens in an inauspicious position from Chandra. For instance, 10th house from Chandra is known to give difficulties in workplace and even loss of job. What happens when Guru transits though the 10th from Chandra, but over the 9th lord. What should we expect? How do we reconcile the results? This means that the difficulties in the workplace will stall the good results expected from the transit of Guru over the 9th lord. However, the stalling of results is only temporary, and good results will be bestowed before Guru leaves the Rasi, i.e., at the concluding portion of the Guru’s stay in that Rasi.

Now, what is the impact of Chandra in different Rasis. Will Guru’s transit through the 10th from the Chandra give similar results? No! The results are bound to be somewhat different depending on the Rasi Chandra occupies and the Rasi Guru is transiting. Note the following important points-

(1) When Guru is transiting an adverse position from Chandra, its transiting through its Neecha and Shatru Rasi can be make it even more adverse. On the other hand, Guru’s transit through its Sva, Uccha, Mitra or Mulatrikona Rasi will make the difficulties easy to bear. The reverse is also true i.e., when Guru is transiting a favorable position from Chandra, its transit through its Sva, Uccha, Mitra or Mula Rasi will give results par excellence. Similarly the transiting through Neecha or Shatru Rasi will only give feeble results.

(2) Treating Chandra as the Lagna, Guru would own certain Bhava. The results of this ownership also comes into play in Gochara. For instance, for Vrschika Rasi, Guru transiting the 10th house (from Chandra) in Simha Rasi. Here Guru is the lord of 2nd (family, wealth) and 5th (Children, mind). The unfavorable transit of Guru can indicate anxiety related to the matters indicated i.e., family, wealth, children and mind (stress).

Thus one can fine-tune the transit analysis based on other factors of the horoscope.

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