Why the Shatrukshetra Harana does not apply to Mangal?

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In Longevity calculation, the Shatrukshetra Harana is applied to Grahas occupying an inimical Rasi. But this does not apply to Mangal. Why? To understand this, we need to revisit the Friendship and Enmity principles. The details on the principles can be found here, The Graha Sambandha. Using these principles, we arrive at the following Enemy signs of the Grahas.

  1. Surya: Vrsha, Tula, Makara, Kumbha
  2. Chandra: Mithuna, Kanya, Makara, Kumbha
  3. Mangal: None
  4. Budha: Mesha, Vrschika, Dhanu, Meena
  5. Guru: Vrshabha, Tula
  6. Shukra: Simha, Dhanu
  7. Shani: Simha

Key points:

  • This shows that no graha is inimical to Mangal. On the other hand, Chandra is inimical to none.
  • Why? We only look into the signs of the Asura Grahas i.e., that of Shukra, Budha and Shani. The Deva-Grahas Surya, Chandra and Guru are friends of Mangal.
  • Shukra? From Shukra’s Mulatrikona, Tula, Mangal rules the 2nd (friendly) and the 7th (inimical) house. Hence Shukra is neutral towards Mangal.
  • Budha? From Budha’s Mulatrikona, Kanya, Mangal rules the 3rd (inimical) and 8th (friendly) house. Hence, Budha is neutral towards Mangal.
  • Shani? From Shani’s Mulatrikona, Kumbha, Mangal rules the 3rd (inimical and debility) and 10th (inimical). So logically Shani should be inimical towards Mangal. Isn’t it? Then why Shani is not inimical towards Mangal? Because one of its sign Hosts Mangal in Uccha. How can a Graha that is being the source of Uccha to Mangal, be inimical towards him? So, at best Shani is neutral towards Mangal.
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