11 Medium Publications You Should Be Following

Oct 30, 2015 · 3 min read

Medium is fast becoming a leading destination for the best content on the web. You can find lots of great stuff by following interesting people, searching tags, and browsing the top stories each day.

But, one of the best ways to see great stuff on Medium is to follow publications, where people are carefully curating great content around particular topics, themes, and ideas.

Here are eleven great publications that you might want to follow today:


Matter is a Medium-sponsored, general-interest publication. In their words, it’s “an award-winning publication focused on innovative, agenda-setting, Medium-native storytelling.”

Here’s one of my favorite stories in Matter so far: Everything is yours. Everything is not yours. (by Clemantine Wamariya)

Thoughts on Media

(Note: This one is curated/edited by the author of this post)

A collection of stories and ideas about media, journalism, pr, writing, publishing, etc.

In one recent post in Thoughts on Media, Fox Networks president Joe Marchese asks to define your media attention.

The Cauldron

This is a publication managed by Sports Illustrated, and it mostly features raw, personal stories from professional athletes. It’s a new kind of sports content, and it is absolutely fantastic.

Read kasey studdard’s plea for the world to stop using the word “retard.”

Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking

This is probably the most popular publication on Medium, and it covers a wide array of stories about building businesses, travel, marketing and more. Just about every day, the Medium Top Stories page has at least one story from SWLH.

Here’s a recent post by Ryan McLeod about using the iPhone 6S’s 3D Touch feature to build a working digital scale.


Backchannel is another of Medium’s in-house publications. It’s a place for tech reporting, led by legendary technology journalist Steven Levy. Since it launched, Backchannel has broken many big stories and been a guiding force in the discussions around technology.

Check out their recent exclusive interview with Aaron Sorkin.

The Nib

Political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction. Words plus pictures.

See their latest newsletter featuring some wild comics.

The Message

A collection of stories covering things like race, media, technology, and more – from a wide array of fantastic writers.

Check out Anil Dash’s thoughts on ad-blocking.

Personal Growth

A range of essays about lessons and experiences in life. Here’s a great recent post by Alison E. Berman, There Are No Hacks To A Meaningful Life

Human Parts

Human Parts is rad. I’ll let them describe it:

Brave, intimate writing that plays with form.Unique, experimental nonfiction. Expressive fiction and poetry. Creative discussion of current events that vibrantly re-contextualizes issues into the broader human condition. Definitely nothing that could be described as an article.


All sorts of interesting perspectives on all sorts of topics. This one is frightening and powerful: Ugh. I’m gonna talk about getting raped.

Ghost Boat

Ghost Boat is an amazing, innovative approach to community journalism. A boat and its 243 passengers went missing, and the Medium community is trying to find them together.

Start with the Ghost Boat Primer and then dig through all the progress so far. And join in the investigation.

Have any favorites that we missed? Put them in the responses below.

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Hand-picked articles about journalism, media, and writing. Curated by @awwstn