23 great places for long-form storytelling

This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive, it’s just a diverse collection of publications that have been doing great work lately, as well as curators that will help you find the good stuff.

California Sunday — A new magazine that has been doing outstanding features

ReadThisThing – one fantastic piece of journalism each day via email

The Atlantic – news and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international and life

NY Times Magazine – great weekly features

Atavist Magazine – they don’t publish too often, but it’s always outstanding

Guernica – a magazine of art and politics

BuzzFeed’s Big Stories – increasingly, this has become a go-to place for in-depth storytelling

Medium – a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small

The New Yorker – The New Yorker always rocks

The New Statesman – a British political and cultural magazine

True Reddit — a subreddit for sharing good storytelling

Longform.org — a collection of longform journalism

The Awl – great reporting on media

Mother Jones – perhaps a bit left-leaning, but MJ does some fantastic work

Highline – Huffington Post’s excellent longform/investigative arm

GQ – when GQ focuses on big stories, they deliver

ProPublica – in-depth investigative stories

Aeon – Essays about science and philosophy and other awesome nerdy things

Rolling Stone – same as above. you’ll need to sift to find it, but there’s outstanding work here

National Geographic – you know who they are.

Washington Post – a paper with the full mix of content, but lately they’ve been delivering some ground-breaking stories

The Marshall Project – A nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization covering America’s criminal justice system.

The Intercept – investigative journalism with deep pockets

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