23 great places for long-form storytelling

Even more great places for long-form storytelling

In a Tweet I replied, that I will write a response to (then only 18) 23 great places for long-form storytelling post from ReadThisThing crew (I know it is a single person, but „crew“ sounds better).


Medium was already mentioned, I know, but I feel it is already that big it is hard to find long-form only articles. People behind Matter do a great job and it is worth mentioning them apart.


This. is relatively new, this is what they write about themselves: „This. is a place to find and share the web’s best entertainment, art and journalism. Each member can share just one link a day.“ Which doesn’t mean it is only long-form I know, but since I have been a follower I came across a few great long-form articles there.

Guardian long reads (+ audio)

Guardian does a great job with longreads and they have it also in audio/podcast form. Check it out.

Wired (on Longform)

I checked the WIRED website, because I read their long-form articles very often and it is always a great experience, but did not find a uniting section/link. But found their profile on Longform and it seems to be pretty updated.

The Best of Journalism E-mail Newsletter

Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic does a great job at picking the best pieces of journalism (mostly they are long-form articles). You have to pay a small amount to get it, but it is worth it.

If anything else comes to my mind I will add it.

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