Thoughts on Shots Week 1:

How long ago was that coffee brewed?

Shot on Nikon f100, Lomography 100 Colour, SB-28, Gary Fong Half Cloud, 1/60, f8. Developed @DCPhotolabs Feb 27,2017
Edited in Lightroom CC while listening to Gimme Shelter on a cheap turntable.

This was my first attempt shooting inside with Lomography film, or with a flash on my F100. I’m not sure why this was my favorite shot from this roll; more than usual with film there’s a sense here of 70's nostalgia. Combining her sweater, which is very dated, the fine grain of the film, and the obliteration of the ambient light and detail by the flash, this image captures something I’ve been looking for since I first started shooting film last year.

My biggest takeaway from this experience has been how much latitude film has compared to digital. I’d completely forgot to drop the output on my flash by a stop, and only had the Gary Fong doing any light diffusion for me. I was two feet from the subject, and the ceilings were black so I had the flash pointed right at her instead of bouncing off the ceiling. If I had shot in RAW I don’t know that I would have had a usable image. With film I’ve got something not just usable but aesthetically interesting, at least to me.

I’ll be taking the flash indoors far more often, just to experiment with what kind of lighting I can create and then recover in post :)

Model unknown, shot at a social function.