2017. Here we go!

Alright, second week of the year almost gone.

Time to finalise the goals and blueprint the whole way into them, because as I see it, the beauty of a year lays on the fact that, it is indeed a lot of time, but it also goes pretty fast. So you have to move.

Because of that, here are the main things I’m planning to be focusing my time and energy during 2017.

Here we go.


1. Go to bed no later than 11pm

With time, I came to learn the importance of sleep (not always been the case), and as much as I’ve been conscious about it, my problem and weakness remains the same, going to be on time.

I’m quite a good sleeper, this meaning I don’t tend to experience any problems while sleeping or to get it in; on the other hand I also I love waking up early (5am). However, I struggle to go to bed at the same time every night, and most importantly, early enough, compromising all the following actions, just a domino effect.

This year I’ll be working towards building the habit of leaving everything I’m doing when the time comes (the main issue), go to sleep around the same time and by consequence been able to get more done during the first hours of the morning.

Might sound easy, but really challenging for me.

2 . Side Projects

My definition of ‘Side Projects’ is simple, an idea I’m willing test, usually requiring some time, work or thinking around it before making them grow, evolve or discard it. I also do these for fun. No, I don’t watch TV.

These are normally (and flexibly) allocated on my free time, meaning, whatever is left after personal and home responsibilities, work, core projects (business) and training.

In 2017 I’ll be focusing on three side projects along the year.

  • The E-Project
  • The B-Project
  • The M-Project

Yes, I use code names. More on these when the time comes.

3. Be on time

I take time very seriously, but when it comes to its management, specifically personal time management, I don’t feel I’m even close to be good at it. It is an ongoing issue for me, and I’m constantly battling it.

The thing is, I always underestimate when to stop in order to leave on time, among other things.

So, this year I’ll keep working at it, but just a sleeping, I won’t be focusing on the outcome, but in the root cause. Stop what I’m doing and start moving.

I found that helped me understand the rationale behind my behaviour, and I have to admit that in my case it’s pretty accurate.

“People are late because they don’t want to be early.
For the punctually challenged, this very basic motivation drives behavior whether consciously or unconsciously.
There are various reasons. The most common include:
It’s inefficient.
They hate the uneasiness of being early.
There is an opportunity cost associated with getting somewhere early.”

I haven’t defined a clear measurement or success indicator for this, however, probably common senses will be enough to start with.

4. The No-Internet Experiment

I will be using the Internet and social media only for 1 hour a day for the whole month of January.

Not much to add to this. I benefit from constraints, so the next obvious step for me was to remove 21st century’s ultimate distraction generator and the mother of procrastination, the Internet.

More of this here.

5. Read at least 3 books

I love to read, as matter of fact I spend a significant amount of my week reading all sorts of materials, from reviews, abstracts, reports, magazines and endless requirement documents, to tons of articles from different media outlets.

Books on the other side, are something that I like to dedicate time and attention; it is a pleasure, it is knowledge, creativity and in many cases, inspiration. They deserve their own time, the thing is I never happen to leave it aside.

This year I’m aiming to dedicate a couple of hours every week to just seat an enjoy books. I won’t be ambitious, so I’ll stick to only three titles of any genre. If it happens to work better than expected and I end up with a higher number, even better.

6. One picture a day on Instagram for a year

I’ve been saying this to myself for years. I love photography and enjoy taking pictures everyday, both as a way to capture a moment from an entertaining or beauty point of view, but also to document my daily life. The reality is that the majority of these images never leave my phone, and I would like to release some of them. For this, Instagram has become the easiest way to do it.

Furthermore, I see it as well as a daily creativity exercise, forcing myself to do editing and decision making faster. In the past it could take me so long to decide and edit one shot, that at times I would quit and leave it unpublished.

Also, 365 pictures don’t seem that many to be honest.

7. Keep my Medium journal

Probably a highlight that I forgot to mention on my 2016 Personal Review was this journal. It started in July last year, with the following two purposes:

  1. To start penning some of the thousands of ideas that circulate my mind on a daily basis. Helping me to articulate them in a more concrete manner, while giving them a place to live and be shared with others.
  2. To improve my writing. I’m not a native English speaker, that made it very clear to me that it was room for serious improvement, and I couldn’t think a better way to do so, if not practising regularly. Just like running, training is the key.

During 2017, I will be publishing at least twice a week, as a result, I should have a minimum of 104 posts at the end of the year. The topics’ scope will remain the same, meaning, anything around my areas of interest, or something that captures my attention.


8 . Get it out!

The main focus for 2017 is to get our first product out to the market before the year ends. For this I’m aiming to raise a minimum of £100K, which might not be that much, but enough to start and find our way; ideally helping us to gain exposure and get things in place for further development and growth.

More on this soon.


9. The Barcelona Marathon under 3 hours and 20 minutes

Barcelona will be my second Marathon, based on the training and performance I had during 2016, I decided to set myself quite an ambitious goal. Under 3:20.

Scary, yes. Achievable, of course, but it will require a LOT of work. Like everything, right?

10. A 10K under 40 minutes

This one remained pending from last year, I knew I could do it but didn’t manage to get into another race to get it, so 2017 will be the year.


11. Public Speaking

I’ve been aiming to do this for while, so for 2017 I decided to go after it. I’m aiming to be a speaker at one major event or conference among my areas of expertise.

How big is big? I don’t know yet, but I will let you know when I find out. In the meantime, I will clarify that presentations at the office or meet-ups don’t count for this.

So this is it, my roadmap for 2017.

These are for sure, not all the things on the table (I kept a couple to myself), but definitely my main areas of focus and development. For me, the main reason to have all of the above listed is to keep me on track, avoiding shiny new ideas to become a distraction.

Other things will always appear, especially in the work area; there already some interesting things going on there, but as these are heavily tight to external factors, it is hard to envision the outcomes and plan for them; I’ll just hope for the best and contribute to it.

The aim will always be for 100% of this list and more, the reality might be very different, but I’m more curious to see how close I can get; how and why.

11 months and change to find out.

See you then.

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