That’s exactly what Venezuela have become.

You go for the full roller coaster experience, in a matter of seconds you can go from being incredibly happy after spending some time with amazing people you just meet, to completely broken-hearted after running into an old friend who’s struggling due to the serious economic crisis in the country.

From enjoying delicious food with the family, feeling “full” and paying the bill taking advantage of a favourable exchange rate, to realising there’s people that can barely eat once a day, because of that same exchange rate.

From the desire to go to the beach or take your family somewhere nice, to just avoid both due to the severe insecurity.

From enjoying every second with the people you love, to remembering I will leave and they will stay there.

It is bittersweet for a guy like me, who luckily have the chance to get out.

For those that have to stay, there’s nothing sweet. It’s all bitter.

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