Do What You Love, It Might Not Be a Next Time

Whatever you do, always do what you love, what feels right. Always go back if necessary, even when you think it won’t be possible, that someone won’t allow you to, that something can or will stop you. You are scared, you might get caught, what if it’s not right, right?

Embrace the fear and go for it, go back even if you already passed the chance because you thought it might go wrong.

Embrace the fear and go for it, go back even if you already passed the chance, because you know it will be right.

Go for it even when you left it behind, because you still thinking about it, and want to go back. You kept going while wondering if you should have at least asked if it was possible.

You still questioning, thinking one day someone would tell you how easy it was, that you missed the chance, that they were there as well and they did it. They will tell you there were no restrictions. You will regret it, you already are.

You will regret you didn’t even try, because you were scared. Fuck the rules, especially those that you don’t even know if they actually exist.

You already passed it but your chest still burning, because you know you really want to do it. You don’t want to miss it, don’t want to regret it, it will make you happy.

You know that that “I’ll do it next time” probably will never happen. What if there’s no “next time”? You know this, it happened before.

At least ask and figure out if it is possible, if there’s actually someone that can say no, and if they do, at least you tried. You didn’t close the door without even trying to open it.

Go for it, feel the burst. You had the courage to take the chance, the risk to be thrown out, now you know.

Always do you what you love, no matter how simple or big that “thing” can be.

Always do you what you love or feels right, because you will laugh after you passed the barriers imposed by yourself, for yourself. Try the uncomfortable, you will probably think later how silly it was to almost let it go.

Always do what you love, it will bring you happiness that cannot be put into words.

Because life is about that, about those moments you decide to bypass the fear. Live to the fullest at least for a second, you might get used to it.