If there would be a way I can define what habits have become to me, I would say habits are my “spirit animal”.

I’ve always been quite a structured person, or at least I like to think I’ve tried to be one, however, for a number of months now I’ve been catering a list of habits that work for me and that one way or the other keep me on track. Still a lot to do, a lot to master, other habits to be tweaked, but so far I’m happy with the outcome.

What’s even better? That I’ve been away of some of them, my routine and my practice for three weeks, and when it was not necessarily what I wanted to do, it helped me test the list, showing me it actually works. No, is not a placebo. No, is not in my head.

I will talk specifically about two.

1. Cold showers.

Probably a “spirit animal” by itself, cold showers have become one of my favourite/the-way-to-go every morning for the last 60 days approximately, I love it. Super cold showers first thing in the morning obviously wakes me up, but beyond that gives me more energy, helps my muscles to recover faster after training, and it puts me back on zero every morning. It’s my reset button.

The last three weeks haven’t been able to get water cold enough to do the job, and while at the beginning was not big deal, halfway during the second week my legs started to tell me the opposite. At the end of the third week it was clear the positive difference that the cold water does as a whole to my body and mind.

Definitely keeping this one.

2. Bullet journal

The interesting part about this one is that I didn’t think it was a habit by itself. My bullet journal have been going on since March this year, is the place where track all habits, but also my daily and monthly activities, to-do lists, notes, and ideas, basically my life.

During the last three weeks, my bullet journaling have not been as accurate as it normally is (daily), helping certify that if I don’t write down my notes and plans for the next day the night before, the day feels totally unstructured (even if writing the to-dos the same morning).

But beyond that, is the fact of tracking daily activities and events. I normally do this as they happen or at the end of the day. Having to go back in time in my head several days in my mind, was not necessary that complicated, but clearly showed me the power this habit have, as i didn’t like the feeling of not remembering exactly what happened which day or if that other thing happened on Wednesday or Thursday.

There have always been this common “believe” of not getting trapped into the daily routine, but if there’s something I’ve learned, is that we all need one. Different things work for different people, so go ahead start experimenting and trying what works for you and what does not, tweak that list and win at life ;)