Running is a blessing

We regularly hear — almost as a cliche — that it is all about the little things; probably in an over-simplistic way, even frivolously. Then, someone reminds us, that is true. In a very personal manner.

“Enjoy running but never take it for granted, running is a blessing.”

These words were given to me by a great runner and a friend. He, has been recently diagnosed with a heart condition that pulled him away from the road.

In my friend’s case, learning that that “little thing” we love called running, saved his life. Exactly like that. Powerful, and almost poetic.

Having this conversation was indeed, very personal, deep and emotional, but a living prove of another over-used but under-estimated cliche, “your life can change overnight”. It actually can, and for him, it did.

Here’s to you, and to all those out there having to fight to get back. You will, and I’ll be waiting. We will run together again.

Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am.

Thank you for sharing your story.

To you, love, strength and gratitude.

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