Super Semester Blog Log #5

My first day anchoring an LUTV news cast. I was so happy to anchor with Cassie Hall

Since my last blog post, I have resigned my position as producer for the LUTV newscasts and have taken the role as an anchor. Anchoring has shown to be a lot more challenging than I first thought it would be. For example, I never realized how much voice work it took to make myself sound good. I also had to get used to seeing myself on screen. I have hosted segments at LUTV such as Lion Pride Sports, but I had never anchored for news.

Cassie Hall and I anchoring. We were talking about a fun ghost tour in St. Charles on Main Street.

Watching myself read stories during a newscast review was so weird. I didn’t like the way I looked, talked, sat, anything. It took some getting used to before I could give myself criticism that would actually benefit me. I learned that the lighting at the anchor desk is harsh, so I need to make some changes to how I do my makeup so I don’t look washed out or too shiny.

In the future, I definitely need to look online and see how news anchors look good on television. I realize that certain colors look good on screen, and some do not. I also realize that I might need to make changes with my makeup.

What I Have Learned

Speaking on air about a new post office that’s opening in St. Charles

I also need to work on how my voice sounds. After meeting with Jill and reading through a few scripts, she pointed out a flaw in my reading. I had a tendency to put emphasis on almost every other word, so it sounded like my emphasis was fluctuating like a roller coaster. Learning to have a consistent reading voice for news is definitely something I need to work on.

Writing for the newscasts has been a lot of fun. I love writing, especially for news, but unfortunately I didn’t pick up on the broadcast style of writing right away. I leaned more towards AP style for newspapers in my leads, which is not how they should be written for broadcasts. Although I had to redo them a few times, my leads came out stronger after each meeting with Jill.

Anchoring is definitely not what I see myself doing in the future. I want to work behind the scenes in newscasts, preferably sportscasts. Although it isn’t my favorite thing to do, anchoring did teach me a lot. I learned how to write better which can help me in writing any stories for news. I also learned how to structure stories better, which could help with producing and the flow of the newscast.

Gazing into the future, figuring out what’s next. (Me goofing off at the anchor desk)

What’s Next?

I still have a couple more days of anchoring, and then I will move on to doing sports and weather. I have been the weather person multiple times over the past year working at LUTV as well as sports. I feel that those areas will be easier for me and I will be able to thrive. Although anchoring isn’t what I see myself doing as a profession, it has been a lot of fun being up there and reading at the news desk. I never feel uncomfortable or scared when I am up there, if anything, I feel excited. It’s a great experience.

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