Watch out, I’m your producer..

Experiencing New Tasks

The last couple weeks have flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was nervous about producing my first show. Little did I know that I would actually enjoy it. The first day was very overwhelming because I had no idea what was going on and I was using things on the rundown that I had never paid attention to! I was forced to focus on multiple things at once rather than one thing at a time like I have been. No matter what, I still wasn’t as stressed as I was on the content team. However, I am very proud of the content team for getting out there and keeping up with the work. It’s a whole new ballgame and I know in just a week or two they will get the hang of it. I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends by my side to help me get through it all. However, I see already that each sides of the newsroom play a very important part in making a great team. We have become more of a family than just colleagues.

A Couple Of My Favorite Parts

Being a producer has been a lot of fun. I was worried for nothing! Yes it can be very stressful but also extremely rewarding at the end of the day. Even though it can be a lot of pressure, it feels good when I get to be in charge of the rundown. The beginning of the day seems to be the busiest time because this is when I’m finding out what stories will be apart of the show, what content the content team has, and finally where to put it all. In order to have a show that flows, you must put the shows in an order that will keep the viewers attention. What I have learned is the best teases have VO in it. This way the viewer can see what they have to look forward to. Little did I know there are a lot of aspects that I enjoyed while being a producer, such as creating video ID’s, organizing the times, picking when certain shows will show, and being able to control the show in general. It’s nice to be behind the scene and see how things work rather than just being the one to bring the content in.

Double Check Your Work

Several times I learned that double checking your work, along with everyone else’s work is very important. It doesn’t matter if you trust the ones who are reporting the stories, you must always double check. It’s very easy to miss the smallest mistake when trying to get the scripts done for the show. Producers must always leave extra time in their day to do a final run through as if the show were going live in order to find mistakes one may not find by just skimming the final draft. Also, remember the director is your friend. I was very intimidated at first because I was new to producing and Jon new everything he was doing. Little did I know he needed to be someone I would check in with before every show. He was able to find all the mistakes I missed and luckily was always able to edit it before the show started. Regardless of the good and bad, it was an experience I was very happy to participate in and learned a lot about what it takes to create a show. I respect the ones who produce the shows because I can only imagine how stressful but rewarding it could be as a career.

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