Kevin Durant just saved the Mavs’ season

KD’s next chapter… with the Warriors

On the 4th of July, Kevin Durant made the decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Because of this, the Warriors had to free up the cap space to sign him to his 1+1 year/$54.3 million deal . So, they had to trade Andrew Bogut and renounce Harrison Barnes’ restricted free agent status.

Meanwhile in Dallas, free agency has been quite disappointing for the hometown Mavericks. This years’ free agency was supposed to put them back into championship contention. However, notable free agents like Mike Conley and Hassan Whiteside passed up on the Mavs. The loss of Chandler Parsons was also a big hit to their playoff hopes. Before the 4th, they had nobody signed, while most of the big names had already signed their lofty deals.

The Mavs capitalized off of KD’s decision and the Warriors’ lack of cap space. The Mavs have agreed to trade a second-round pick to the Warriors for defensive center Andrew Bogut. On top of that, they have agreed to sign Harrison Barnes, an Olympian this year.

Warrior teammates Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are ready to suit up in Dallas

When he was traded from the Bucks, Andrew Bogut’s $11 million per year contract seemed a bit lofty. Now, considering the extreme cap inflation, his contract is a bit of a steal. He will be an exceptional option at the starting center spot. His value is even higher now that players like Timofey Mosgov are getting $16 million a year. Although he isn’t much of an offensive threat, he is one of the best defensive centers in the league. Bogut has also shown the ability to finish at the rim when needed.

Harrison Barnes is already a stellar 3 and d player that has lots of room to grow. The only question with Barnes is, will he grow into the all-star player that he was projected to be in high school in college. On the other side of the coin, he can show his awful performance in the Finals wasn’t a fluke.

Barnes and Bogut are just what the Mavericks needed. They needed a 3-and-d player on the wing to pair with Wesley Matthews, who is a nice 2 way player in his own right. The Mavs also needed a defensive center to pair with the post scoring of Dirk Nowitzki, whom they just resigned.

These former Warrior teammates most likely saved the Mavs from a disappointing season. This season would have probably been a year that would have seen the Mavs struggling for a playoff spot. Now, the Mavs can make a solid push in the playoffs. In terms of playoff position, they will most likely be in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference. Of course, this all depends on bench depth, breakout and disappointing performances, injuries, etc.

Mark Cuban should be thanking Kevin Durant because he just saved them from a mediocre season.

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