Relax Without Guilt

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I have seen many people take time off their work to relax, but only to end up feeling guilty that they have wasted their time — the relax might be as small as an afternoon nap to a small vacation. I find even myself do the same mistake at times.

But I believe, feeling guilty because of relaxing defeats the very purpose of relaxing. Once we start feeling guilty of relaxing, it eventually leads to depression, and we lose the benefits of the relaxing — rejuvenation, peace of mind, ability to focus well.

So as I write this, this is one more reminder for me to relax now and then, without feeling guilty.

We are not machines.

We don’t have to do work all the time — 24*7.

If we don’t work on a weekend, nobody is going to eat us alive.