Major Travel Mistakes I shall not make again …

(written in tongue-in-cheek, but you may find it useful)

I came to Australia (Brisbane) for a few weeks of work yesterday. My travel agents of the University booked me on a motel that they thought was closest to the place where I will be working (more on my work and stuff later in the form of notes on my “Medium”, but this is not for that rant). I should have checked but I didn’t, lost in the business of my work, when and where did they book me.

Here are the list of mistakes and errors that I committed

… and I want to record them here. So that I in future, can come back to it and learn what not to do, and those of you who will read it can chuckle (that you do not make such mistakes yourself) and be warned in future. This is probably true of travelling in Australia (Brisbane) but may be pretty much all over the world (may be, with exceptions). The errors are in no specific order:

  1. Never, never, ever, book my flight anywhere in the world around the five days of Easter holidays. — Never again! I am not going to repeat this error ever. Nothing is open anywhere in the world pretty much. I shall probably have to starve myself for these next few days in one of the best cities in a lovely first-world country just because I came in country at a wrong time of the year. Shame!
  2. Never, ever, book a motel in Brisbane if you are travelling alone. — Never again shall I commit this mistake in my life. In future, if I cannot afford a five star hotel or cannot find a BNB, or Air BNB (although after reading posts in Medium, I am scared of AirBNBs now), I will book myself in a YHA. Much more fun and much safer. But never, ever in a motel, and definitely not in Brisbane, nowhere in my travels in Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Never, ever trust your corpoate travel agent. — Because they do not care who you are.
  4. Do not trust your itinerary unless you have double checked, and researched — This should have been the obvious gift of a research methods approach to life. Start everything with a healthy skepticism. Start checking your itinerary if someone else has booked it for you would be, “This is wrong. They have put me in a spot in terms of airlines, time, and place (unless I specifically requested that place and time but that is another story)”. Start from there. Then, if each of these hypotheses do not turn out to be true based on your personal research, double checking each time of leaving and returning on your calender and diaries, then, and then only, start accepting your itinerary. Never, ever trust your corporate travel agent on anything.
  5. The moment you are out of your wifi range of you house and travelling, forget about accessing the Net on the road— Do not trust the wifi of your hotel, motel, airports, coffee shops, anywhere else in the world. Definitely not if you are in a foreign city in a foreign country. You will not get the speed, nor connectivity. Sad, isn’t it?

C’est la vie.

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