I’m Doing It Wrong: Why Medium Sucks

One of those serious musings that provoke thoughts, this time on the “medium” itself. This is an intriguing take on writing and reading in Medium, essentially emphasises that not many people use it and notes are not same as comments.

About notes, as a user, I haven’t thought of this granular difference between comments and notes partly because I think Medium offers many different ways to interact including forking ideas across the articles (something like Branch used to be, but better in the sense it lets you expand your thoughts).

I am not sure yet about the ghost town thing because (a) it takes a while before people start using these new media anyway. I think it’s more than just a blogging platform in the sense of livejournal, and (b)In any case, it seems here publications, posts, and ideas are the ones that get linked, not so much one person follows another and forges a one on one linkage; in theory you could build a network of scraped ideas. I understand that sort of new. The discussions are layered on these ideas.

Medium users use the notes as comments anyway and I believe it just adds a little additional layer of control to keep the right in the hands of the author whether to make the comments public, else we the viewers run the risk of bumped with trolls and advertisements that derail the process of serious discussions, which from one perspective is not that bad.

Nevertheless, a good informative set of musings on Medium itself. Must read.

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