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Snapchat in a snap

If you are on Snapchat, this is one resource you should stop by, read, and bookmark. They also have a whole category of snapchat on their site. Terrific resource and this is also a talking point why I am increasingly finding snapchat a great tool (although I am probably do not have the best demographic to “fit in”). Might as well share.

I first installed snapchat a year ago and then finding it difficult to work with and no “friends” in it, gave up. Then, earlier this month, I discovered a great article by a snapchatter professor from Bergen Norway, Jill Walker Rettberg (jilltxt in snapchat). She is very innovative in her use of snapchat. This led to my second term use of snapchat and I mighty like it.

The part about snapchat I like is its spontaneity. You take a “snapshot” of the moment you are in and share. Your time, your place, with or without your comments; it stays for 24 hours and then disappears from your storyline. These are all stories in snapchatspeak. You tell stories throughout the day and your stories are tied to you and everything you get to see are by time. There is no smart algorithm (at least it seems to me or what I read) that delivers stories seamlessly, spontaneously to you throughout the day. You can also message people even if they have not added you back. You can add people as you like, like in Medium or in Twitter. The messaging is separated from the storyline, and you can seamlessly jump from video to audio to text to app based phone call: the experience is smooth and frictionless. The only thing is, once you have read the message, it’s gone. No record. So, you better keep screenshots.

Screenshots vis the other thing about snapchat, at least I found useful. Each video or snapshot lasts at most 10 seconds, but if you like it, should give you enough time to take screenshot and then save it. If you like, the saved screenshot can be conversation starters. As everything is “evanescent”, exactly a in ordinary lives, and fast, engagement with snapshot brings to mind a state of existence akin to “life like river”, if you will.

I have seen some amazing creators in snapchat, and I leave it to you to explore more (check out this producthunt post for sure). It’s early days in my using snapchat, but as an educator, I can think of:

  • Taking flash cards and setting up quizzes for my students throughout the day
  • Showing and discussing nice visuals of work that interests me
  • Infographic a display

The list can go on. I suppose anything that is spontaneous and visually appealing in a way and short and “snap worthy” can be great for snapchat.

Amazing medium. Would love to see you there. You can add me if you want, here’s my usercode: arin.basu, or you can scan and add me through snapcode:

Hope to write more on it as I start using it more.


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