Change. How dare it

Equivalents by Alfred Stieglitz. Shared on Facebook by Stephen Ellcock

We all get so mad when something changes in the digital world. Facebook keeps changing its layout without asking us and we liked it the old way. We can’t keep up with the location of the little cog for settings. Infuriating. Worst thing. Shouldn’t happen.

The sky. Great thing about the sky is it’s there for everyone. As someone said on social media today, it’s not taxed yet. So it’s there, all the time, you can see it — depending, of course, on how clear your view is — but it’s there.

Changing. It changes all the time. You look up and you notice a most exquisite play of light and shadow in the Winter sky. Look a bit longer but don’t wait if you want to capture it. By the time you grab your phone and lift it up to take a photo, it’s gone.

And even as you keep looking, it’s moving right in front of you. It’s moderating the intensity of light, of dark cloud, transparent smudges are moving across your line of sight and then gone.

We don’t get mad. It’s the way it is. Sometimes we forget how wonderful it is and we forget to look.

We are blessed with sky.

(Here are the rest of Alfred Stieglitz’s sky photos shared on Facebook by the prolific Stephen Ellcock)