Guys, tyrannosauruses ate each other.

That is, after winning dino-fight club.

Last year, io9 reported that

A fossil analysis by paleontologist David Hone from Queen Mary University of London, with the help of Darren Tanke, shows that this [newly found specimen] survived a brutal encounter with another Daspletosaurus. It managed to survive long enough for the resulting head injury to heal, but then died sometime later of unknown causes. Lying dead on the ground, its decaying remains were consumed by another tyrannosaur.

A tyrannosaur bit another tyrannosaur with so much brutal force it broke off a piece of the skull, leaving a “circular tooth-shaped puncture through the bone.” But somehow, the loser survived and died later.

Then, another tyrannosaur ate its dead body.

A Daspletosaurus is a member of the tyrannosaur family, a Cretaceous-era tyrannosaur smaller than a T. rex. This particular, poor son-of-a-bitch measured 20 feet and weighed around 1,100 pounds when it died. T. rex was 40 feet from head to tail and weighed about eight tons. In other words, Skully was half the size and about one-sixteenth the weight of a T. rex.

However, another report from io9 says “paleontologists have concluded that T. Rexes ate other T. Rexes,” so don’t worry.

In addition to being to being a cannibal, here are a few, weird facts about T. rex:

  • Could poison their prey. Well, basically. Rotten meat stuck in the behemoths’ gave them a “septic bite.” In other words, their bites were super infectious, killing their prey days or weeks later. On the one hand, it didn’t really help them out that much. On the other hand, its septic bite still makes it even more terrifying.
  • T. Rex had a “maximum bite force of almost 12,800 pounds, about the equiva­lent of an adult T. rex’s body weight (or 13 Steinway Model D concert grand pianos) slamming down on its prey,” according to the Smithsonian Magazine.
  • T. rex could run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. That’s a bit slower than a lion, which can ruin an antelope’s day at a speed of 50 miles per hour. In other words, T. Rex was almost as fast as a lion. Can you imagine one of these gargantuan assholes racing at you as fast as a lion, knowing that its gnarly septic bite had a maximum bite force of 12,800 pounds?
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