Seems to me…

Thought N° 001

“Seems to me, that button is in the worst possible spot.”

That’s the first line of dialogue in a classic sitcom from the nineties, one of my favorites, any idea what it could be? If you know me well, it was an easy guess, it’s Seinfeld.

In that first line, Jerry is demonstrating the style of what’s to come, while making a point to tell George that he doesn’t evaluate his choices thoroughly enough. As we learn throughout the series, George isn’t in the driver seat in life; instead he comically takes the path of least resistance.

In opposition of the Costanza lifestyle I have been actively working on strengthening the many facets of myself, my being. One where I admittedly lack in particular is my intellectual and creative outlets. That’s where Thoughts (my bi-weekly newsletter) comes in.

I’ve begun this newsletter as an channel for my ideas, opinions, and responses to what I’m working on, listening to, reading, and consuming (subscribe below). My hope is to inspire discussion or debate and engage in a semi-direct manner with more people around the globe.

If you enjoy (or dislike) what you are reading reach out and let me know. I’m always down to chat on Twitter @jms_bk.

Stay well.

P.S. Read the entirety of the first Seinfeld episode here.


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