three acres
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three acres


it’s been 7 days 12 states nearly 2700 miles
and you still haven’t found the forest

it’s been 36 years 5 countries and nearly 2700 tears
and you still haven’t found her

just 3 acres is all i need, the poet said
and made a life of it

meanwhile, the hard horned sheep climbs
the snow dusted rocky mountain

meanwhile, the elk herd migrates
across the frozen valley floor

meanwhile, the great basin nuzzles his head
through the thick powder of snow

meanwhile, the grey wolf stands alone
underneath the dark eternal pine

regarding you
before continuing on



a search for a bit of the earth’s surface across 3000 miles of america

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benje williams

“it is common to take a dog for a walk, it is less common to take a dream for a walk” || nature novel in progress || recent writing at