Ukraine; ThDPTh #60

I was about to decide to separate politics and my work, and not talk about Ukraine in my newsletter, but then things made me realize, if stuff happens in the world, we simply cannot separate politics and work, at least not completely.

A picture of a family taking shelter in an underground parking lot appeared in my Twitter feed just yesterday. It belonged to a contact I exchanged a few messages with just days ago.

Writing about data this week, while my co-authors are organizing shelter for refugees, and Russian troops are attacking Kyiv just 1,400 km away from my home just feels wrong. 1,400 km, that’s roughly the width of Texas, it feels very close.

So with that, I am reserving this spot just to mention that for a lack of a better option, we have donated to rescue funds active in Ukraine.

I can also refer you to two charities:





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Sven Balnojan

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