one - nanna

Nanna, as you might of guessed it, is one of my friend’s grandmothers. I never found out her real name — she was universally referred to by all, relatives or otherwise, as Nanna. I saw Nanna about the house on New Year’s Eve, but didn’t talk to her until the next day when she was cleaning up our mess of beers and food from the night before. We chatted while I washed the dishes.

Despite going to bed well before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Nanna said she hadn’t missed a New Year’s celebration between the ages of 17 and 80. A lifelong Queenslander and ex-dairy farmer, she complained that many years ago, while celebrating in Sydney, they marked midnight and the start of the new year at 11pm (because of daylight savings). Nanna made her husband stay up until 1am (12pm Queensland time) to celebrate. They were in bed five minutes later.