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ThreeFold’s Circular Economy

The ThreeFold Grid’s capacity is made available by farmers — entrepreneurs who provide capacity by connecting hardware to the ThreeFold Grid. They build a more sustainable Internet for generations to come. The ThreeFold Network is changing the Internet for the highest good of all, and you can play a big role in this by becoming a farmer.

Here’s how things play out on the ThreeFold Network:

It all starts with the ThreeFold Farmer.

  1. Farmers rent capacity to the ThreeFold Grid and get TFTs in return.
  2. Farmers exchange their TFTs for other crypto or fiat currencies. Users exchange their fiat or crypto currencies for TFTs.
  3. Users reserve capacity with TFTs, they pay farmers and part goes to the foundation.

To learn more about farming or the ThreeFold Token (TFT) feel free to visit our wikis at

The ThreeFold Network is a peer-to-peer Internet that empowers equality, freedom, and sustainability. We are an open ecosystem with game-changing technology. Already live for two years, and distributed in more than 20 countries.

ThreeFold Network Website

Ask questions on the ThreeFold Forum




Powered by the ThreeFold blockchain the People’s Internet is the layer 0 infrastructure for an open source P2P Internet owned by humanity.

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