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3 min readOct 14, 2020


by Josh Stein, Threshold Partner

Businesses are increasingly transitioning their monolithic tech stacks into ones that are modular, scalable, and flexible. While Twilio, Stripe, OAuth, and others leveraged APIs to decouple business components of the tech stack, companies are still using outdated and inflexible architectures to manage their content.

I am excited to share that Threshold has led a Series A round for Sanity, a next-generation, developer-focused content management platform that leverages JAMStack principles to manage and deliver content.

Sanity was founded on a core belief that as content continues to grow in volume, type, complexity, and distribution channels, having a content architecture that treats content as data will enable faster, more powerful, and more scalable websites. With Sanity, content is stored as data objects, allowing the developers to architect their own content model, enabling content to have searchable features, hierarchies, and types. Small pieces of content can be pieced together and reused to form a larger part of the content, thereby eliminating duplicate work and creating a single source of truth for each object. This single source of truth is particularly important in regulated industries, where content must be regularly checked and updated, and it applies more broadly to a wide range of business needs. With Sanity, engineers structure the content model to fit their organization’s needs. Structured content can readily be accessed, stored, and scaled across different use cases.

Sanity’s flexible open-source framework also enables developers to customize the front-end UI for different end-users in their company, such as legal, marketing, and compliance teams. This open-source framework allows Sanity’s solution to be more flexible than other CMSs and appealing to a broader audience. In our conversations with Sanity’s customers, a recurring theme was how many of them switched to Sanity because their existing UI was inflexible and did not fit the needs of the business users. Sanity enables a “consumerization of the enterprise” for business users while also bringing content closer to developers.

Sanity has also created the best developer experience of all content platforms on the market. Sanity is launching new collaboration features that enable collaborative coding in parallel, cross-team collaboration, real-time updates, track-changes, and more. As developers become increasingly collaborative and remote, and as business units start to hire their own separate in-house engineering teams, having robust collaboration features is essential. Sanity gives developers more control and oversight into an organization’s content.

Something that got us excited about Sanity is the dual bottoms-up and top-down adoption of its product. Sanity has both a flourishing, organic developer community of 50,000 developers building projects and more traditional 6-figure enterprise deals with companies looking to completely reinvent their technical stack. Sanity’s 500+ customers span across a broad range of industries and include Burger King, Cloudflare, Nike, Sonos, Popeyes, Tim Hortons, National Geographic Society, Brex, and more. Co-Founders: Even E. Westvang, Simen Svale Skogsrud, Magnus K. Hillestad, and Øyvind Rostad

Last, but by no means least, at Threshold, we believe the single most important factor in any company is a world-class team. We are thrilled to be partnering with CEO Magnus Hillestad and his co-founders Simen Svale Skogsrud, Even Westvang, and Øyvind Rostad. The four co-founders bring together a broad range of complementary skills that have enabled them to take an extraordinarily thoughtful and strategic approach to the market.

We are extremely impressed with Sanity’s progress to date, and we are even more excited about what is yet to come. For more information, visit