10 Better kicks to scrolling social media

We’ve all been there — scroll, scroll, scroll — Come on, shock me, surprise me, humour me!

Some more wholesome alternatives — by which I mean, dig a bit and identify what you actually want and seek it. If you’re browsing Facebook to have a nosy at friends, then have a quiet nosy, but if you really want to know what they’re up to, why not just message them?

  1. Humour — use YouTube to search your favourite comedians or the ‘best of’ moments of your favourite shows
  2. Inspiration — TED talks, the gazillion podcasts out there (recommend Unmistakable Creative and School of Greatness) or sign up to free courses to learn stuff on CreativeLive, Udemy etc.
  3. Relax — take a nap!
  4. Ding! — If you need ‘dings’, learn a language inadvertently by playing Duolingo (from Spanish to Japanese!) or Memrise (which also has flashcards for a range of science, art and history topics)
  5. Connect — message your friends to catch up in person or ring them up for a chat
  6. Energise — tunes! I particularly like Deezer for all sorts of playlists
  7. Stingy eyes? — Close them! Whether meditating, observing your breath, listening to the breeze in the trees and yappy birds, listening to music, don’t always need our eyes open.
  8. Refuel — Move your butt and get a cuppa. Rather than rush around and put the kettle in the fridge. Slow down and take a moment to chill your monkey brain. Just observe yourself waiting for that kettle to boil — got an itch? What did we use to do with our hands?!
  9. Curiosity — What are those interests you have? What did you enjoy doing as a kid? What do you do know when you don’t have internet?! Even if they are small inklings — time to follow them.
  10. Play — Take photos, just for the sake it. Of the little things and the big things. Tell the stories after.
  11. Bonus — You could actually do some kicking around, some burpees even. Gotta keep sprightly!

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