10 Lessons Hermione Granger Taught Us

Life lessons from the brightest witch of all time

Unless you’ve been living in a wholly magic-free world for the last two decades, you’ll know about a popular British series, Harry Potter. The classic tale of good versus bad with a little magical touch. We all have one thing or more that we love about the series. Either you found yourself cheering for your house at the Quidditch match or wished you could sneak up the late night around the castle corridors. If you were like me, you would probably start a fight with your parents demanding them to send you to Hogwarts instead of the muggle schools (btw, I’m still waiting for my letter).

Harry Potter had been a huge part of my childhood and thus making me who I am for today. We have characters we admired, hated, admired than hated and hated then admired. And, today, I would share things I have learned from one character of the famous series, Hermione Granger.

1. Be Yourself

Despite being a muggle-born and surrounded by witches and wizards, Hermione always stayed true to herself. She never wanted to change herself for once and turned the one thing that made her different from the rest to which made her special. Hermione didn’t become the greatest witch of her age because she was the best friend of the boy who lived. She never let her true identity lies with others. Hermione believed and didn’t change herself for anyone, despite all the bullies she got.

2. Stand up for what you believe in

When she witnessed something which is against her beliefs, she didn’t stand back and watch. She would step forward, and sometimes that’s all it takes. One voice to bring the change and we should never be afraid to use our voice for the greater goods. Even if it means you will be standing alone. But one thing I have learned from this series when you are fighting the good fight and shows compassion to everyone, you will never alone.

3. Don’t be afraid of bullies

Who else cheered at this scene?

I definitely did. Bullies are bad.But you either can let it get to you or fight back? If you don’t know this, bullies are feeding on your fear. So remember to pull out a good punch to the bullies.

4. Cherish your friends

You can’t talk about Hermione without mentioning the other of the trio, Ron & Harry. Trust and respect are the most important thing in any friendship. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends when they have done something wrong. And always, always, stay loyal to your friends.

5. Be Honest

Honesty is an expensive gift. A lot of troubles can be avoided if only we speak the truth.

6. You deserve respect

We all know how much Hermione wanted Ron to ask her to the dance and we all know how it ended, Ron was way too over himself to even get the hint. Instead of whining, Hermione got herself a date and she looked dazzling.

Also, remember when Ron was head over the heels over Lavender? As much as it pained her to watch them together, she still remembers to have fun, attend parties. Always treat yourself respect.

7. Read, Read, read

If this isn’t obvious enough. Hermione solved most of their problems, be it finding a giant monstrous snake hiding in the castle to the existence of the Deathly Hollows, all from reading books.

8. Face your fears

I have always asked myself, how did Hermione when she found about the giant snake, Basilisk and risked her life finding more information about it alone. Well, she knew the only way to defeat fear is to face it. Yes, it will be scary and Hermione taught us it is okay to be afraid that that shouldn’t make us hide in the face of fear.

9. Be Humble

Being the Miss-Know-It-All, I was surprised that Hermione did ask help from her friends, Ron & Harry and as well as others. Hermione is the true example that the more you know, the humble you become.

10. Heartbreak is inevitable

Throughout the books and films, we witnessed how Hermione was subjected to bullies because of her blood-status and how Ron broke her heart multiple times.

In life, we don’t always get what we want, but it is up to us to make the best out of it. Heartbreaks, betrayal, disappointment are inevitable but remember love will always find its way back.

So folks, how have Hermione changed your life? Comment below.

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