10 Reasons To Start Your Day Outside

Get some fresh air every morning to start the day off right

Greet the sunrise…

It wakes you up

It feels good to start your day outside — your body responds to the fresh air, making you feel invigorated. Especially if it’s a bit chilly, with that early-morning crispness — it’s refreshing, and triggers your body’s “awake” response. You’ll begin the day with more enthusiasm and a take-charge approach, feeling ready for whatever comes your way.

It gives you confidence

Any day that begins outside is instantly better than ones that don’t. No matter the task at hand, starting your day outside will give you a more optimistic outlook. It sets the tone for the rest of your day, creating a positive, “can-do” attitude and the feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Being out in nature, first thing in the morning, can really put a positive spin on any situation.

It provides peace and quiet

Being outside puts you in a meditative state of mind, just observing and watching the world go by, or maybe having a cup of coffee — you are literally doing nothing. You may not have another chance to do this throughout the day, as you become busy, and it’s best to do it in the morning so you are recharged for the day. Take this opportunity to spend at least ten minutes in stillness and contentment.

It’s a chance to unplug

Resist the urge to bring your phone, laptop, iPad, or any kind of device outside with you. It’s important to spend some time “unplugged” and give yourself a chance to feel grounded in your body. We spend a lot of time (often too much time) inside our own heads, because this is how we interact with technology. We need to reconnect to the physical sometimes in order to feel “human” again — time spent in nature will increase your vitality and make you feel more alive.

Slow down and smell the flowers…

It connects you to nature

Whether it’s watching a bumblebee pollinate your flowers, or listening to the birds chirping in the trees above, being outside fosters a connection to nature and the greater world around us. We can often use a reminder that we’re not alone, that we are all connected, and that we are our best selves when we are compassionate, caring human beings.

It helps you focus on the big picture

It’s so hard not to get caught up in the minutia of our own lives — sometimes we need help connecting to the bigger picture. The world is bigger than our own egos, and remembering this allows us to take a step back and look at things from a different point of view. It helps to put things in perspective, and recognize that the scope of everything is many magnitudes bigger than we often realize.

Take a deep breath…

It calms you

Spending your “wake-up” time outside has an extremely calming effect. It often leads to deeper, more rhythmic breathing — especially since it smells so good outside in the early morning. Inhaling the dewy, cool air causes deep inhalation and tells your brain and body that it’s time to relax. You’ll be able to start your day with a much more levelheaded approach.

It makes you grateful

Living with a so-called “gratitude mentality” has been proven to increase your happiness and positivity. Being able to sit out on your deck, sipping coffee or tea, and embracing the morning is an easy way to set up a grateful approach to life. You can be thankful for what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Be grateful that you are here, experiencing the world, and living in this moment.

Natural light is a mood booster

Being outside is the best way to let your body soak up some much-needed natural light. Even if the sun isn’t shining, the benefits of allowing yourself to wake up outside include the brain slowing its production of melatonin in response to natural light, making you feel more awake and giving you that morning adrenaline boost.

It stimulates your creativity

Many people find that being outdoors is a great tool for gaining insight and inspiration. It could be something you observe that stirs an idea, or the act of sitting quietly that allows your brain to wander — some of the best concepts are dreamed up outside. There’s something about being in nature that stimulates the creative flow, and what better way to start your day than allowing your imagination to motivate you.

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