10 Tips on Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life by Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

When it comes to business, there is a fine line in balancing making money and making an impact in the lives of others and in your own life. Many times, entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals struggle to find the line of harmony that makes running a business while maintaining a personal life a smooth feat. But in 2018, there is a group of people who are determined to level the playing field of not compromising being a person before they are a person who happens to have a business.

So, one may ask, how does a business owner keep a balanced lifestyle that affords them to be able to make money, be impactful and have a flourishing personal life? I have a list of ten successful business professionals who have mastered an aspect of balance which can provide insight as to how to keep your sanity while being social and successful.

1. Shani McIlwain, the founder and executive manager of Practical Partners LLC, suggests that the best way for professionals to keep their sanity in business is to hire outside help to help them streamline their processes and operations for maximum effectiveness. Many professionals have a hard time delegating tasks where needed therefore they cannot focus on money making activities. Well, Shani suggests that handing the dirty work over to a trusted partner alleviates the need to cut short on personal and social activities because of the need to play catch-up in your business.

2. Tieshena Davis, the founder of Purposely Created Publishing Group, suggests that business owners work hard to be able to pay harder. Tieshena is an advocate for building a business that fulfils gaps in the marketplace that do not compromise you being a human first. As professionals, we often forget that building businesses require a human touch, therefore, relationships that have little to do with business and more with finding synergies between people are important.

3. DeAngelo McCoy, the founder of NextLVL Consulting, believes that the ultimate key to finding balance in a busy world is first to know who you are and why you are. He believes that when you run your business and prioritize your life from a place that keeps your values at the forefront of everything you do, you’ll be less likely to take on more than you can handle.

4. Marsha Martin, the founder of I Am The Game Changer LLC, is one who believes that a large part of balancing your professional and personal life depends on your ability to bounce back from setbacks and to be able to make the necessary transitions you need to keep moving forward as a person. Every person on the planet experiences situations where they have to take a moment to recalibrate their purpose. Marsha believes that it is in these moments we as people can choose to do the things that make us better.

5. Lisa Lewis-Ellis, the founder of Kickboxing Believers, LLC, is an advocate for making your own success rules. As professionals, we are often subjected to what society says we should do and who society says we should be. This idea of making us alter the way we work and move to appease others thus, throwing us out of alignment. Lisa believes that the key to being a well-rounded professional is to be in alignment with your idea of success.

6. Sisi Rose, the founder of The Sibling Project, knows the importance of valuing relationships with others and how these values help keep us as individuals committed to being the best version of ourselves. When you appreciate the connections you make as a person, maintaining a balance as a professional becomes easier to do.

7. Christina Johnson, the founder of Faith That Conquers, teaches that personal wellness is the gateway to maintaining a healthy approach to living life while doing business. Stress is a leading factor that throws off the natural cycle of work and rest. Christina believes that in managing the overall health of the person, one will be better equipped to handle the stress that often causes one to lose balance.

8. Tina Hunter, the founder of ME (Motivate and Empower), is a strong supporter of women who desire to go to the next level of winning in their personal and professional lives. Much of going to new heights in business requires knowing what one does and does not want as a person. Tina believes that leveraging the power of the person helps the person be a more intuitive professional.

9. Nova Adams, the founder of DC Random Acts of Kindness, harnesses the power of being the example of good within the world. Nova believes that being a professional that has a passion for giving to others helps keep things in perspective — and perspective brings balance to achieving productive personal and professional lifestyles.

10. Wendy Dickinson, the founder of Ascend to Sell LLC, believes that a renewed and focused mindset is the key to achieving balance as a professional. Because life and business bring many obstacles and opportunities, a person must navigate through the journey with the end goal in mind. When the goal is the focus, a person can make decisions that promote the well-being of themselves first and then the well-being of their business.

You see, achieving balance doesn’t have to be a balancing act. As a person, you have to know your “why” and how what you do as a professional feed into your end goal. Integrate your values and responsibility into how you work, and you can’t go wrong.

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