10 Years as a Health & Wellness Coach and this is What I’ve Learned

The Not-So-Secret “Secret” to Success is Finding Balance.

Photo by Daria Keenan

For the past decade, I’ve focused my career on teaching others how to live healthy and happy by finding balance in their own lives. My passion is centered around working from within and looking for the root of the negative relationship they have with food. I spend time getting to know each client internally so that we can work together on creating the benefits externally. From business professionals, mothers, students, or all the above, the only way to win at the weight loss game is to constantly work towards finding BALANCE.

Here are My 5 Keys to Finding Balance and Creating Healthy, Happy Lives

Dietary Lifestyle

Finding the healthy balance in your life begins with the basics of nutrition. Getting yourself on the right nutrition program and eliminating foods that are causing your body harm are key. Just as important is that your nutrition program compliments your lifestyle. As soon as you try to force your routine into a template that was not made for you personally, it will fail. Your nutrition program should be built around your current life. One small change with massive health benefits is to start incorporating alkaline balanced foods into your meals. Conversely, you will also want to look for ways to reduce unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming sugar and refined foods, and not drinking enough water; these habits all contribute to unhealthy body states.

Physical Fitness

Being realistic is the first step to finding physical balance. What movement regime can YOU commit to? Determine what your full effort looks like and do not gauge your success on that of others. Understand what your life can accommodate. Stressing about not doing enough only works against you, accepting what weekly routine is realistic and then becoming successful at maintaining that is truly the key!

Inner Balance

Far too often clients come to me because they are having an “impossible” time losing weight, or they are not seeing the results within their body that match the lifestyle changes they have made. Often this disconnect occurs because we do not give ourselves the appropriate length of time needed to see these results. Understanding internal factors is very crucial; hormone imbalances, stress, sleep (or lack thereof) and metabolic damage can all affect the rate of response from the body.

Emotional Well-being

Becoming emotionally balanced will lead to long term success in all matters related to health and wellness. Getting to the root cause of food-issues that stem from a young age are important in your mental health as we look to reduce mindless eating, anxiety, depression and binge eating. Providing a bandaid solution will only suppress the emotions and prolong the unhealthy state; establishing a healthy mindset and creating positive relationship with food will literally change your life.

Walk the Talk

By achieving balance in the previous four keys, these healthy habits will now become second nature and you will begin to inspire others to make similar changes. Becoming an inspiration for friends and loved ones will help to reinforce that the effort is always worth it! And this recognition becomes very empowering in all aspects of life.

Walk the talk and lead the change to a healthy lifestyle.