15 Reasons why I love you

“I’ll be yours to keep; wind in the shadows, whale song in the deep” B Howard

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

The way you smile as if your heart was smiling for you

The way your head rests on my shoulders as if you and I were lego pieces built for one another

The way you spread your love like sunflower seeds in the summer wind

The way your eyes betray your thoughts as if you were constantly fighting a losing battle when it comes to hiding your feelings

The way you look at sunsets, as if it were the last one, every day

The way you comfort my wild thoughts like you tame a wild horse, with infinite patience

The way you look at me in the morning, as if the perfect sunrise was only the second best thing you could witness

The way you say good morning, as if you already knew how each day spent with you was the best thing one could wish for

The way you dance, as if you were stepping on burning embers, completely out of tempo with the song, but completely in tune with me

The way you conquer your rebellious hair with such grace that I must’ve been caught staring more than once

The way you light up the room you walk into as if our worlds had been filled with moonless nights all along

They way you drive, making sure you sing all the words to your favourite songs as perfectly-pitched as you can, all the while body-rolling down the avenue

The way you laugh, for you make me realise that tears of laughter as not as salty as tears of sorrow, making it so much more easier to bear

The way you see women, as if you were all graceful galaxies within a roaring Sun, with the wild and limitless ability to empower and to create

The way you get undressed, as if the sound of your sliding clothes on the floor always made my heart skip a beat, just as the sound of my gliding fingers on your bare skin always seem to create the sweetest memories

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