20 Examples of How Showing Gratitude Helped a Business

Yitzi Weiner
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12 min readOct 5, 2017

Showing gratitude year round (not just during the holiday season) has major benefits for any business.

By Kristin Marquet

More and more businesses are showing appreciation daily, not just around Thanksgiving, and they’re reaping the benefits. When a business shows gratitude, customers feel valued and employees are more engaged.

Here are 20 entrepreneurs who show gratitude year round and share how it’s changing their lives and businesses for the better.

1). Recognize People for Their Accomplishments

According to Steven Benson, founder and CEO of Badger Maps, his favorite part of Badger’s company culture is to show thanks to employees on a weekly basis. “We have an all-hands meeting once a week, and we finish the meeting by ‘giving props’, which is recognizing people on the team for their accomplishments that week. Anyone on the team can give props to anyone else on the team, which fosters an atmosphere of appreciation and teamwork. For example, someone who noticed another employee doing a great job with a particularly difficult customer, might ‘give props’ to that person and recognize them in front of the group as having done an amazing job. It’s a great way to be thankful and show appreciation as a group for all the accomplishments of the week, and make sure everyone gets recognized for their contributions. This has helped us build a strong team and sense of community. The success of your business depends on your employees and establishing a positive culture where everyone feels appreciated and enjoys coming to work makes a big difference in increases employee satisfaction and happiness.”

2). Gives Others the Incentive(s) to go Above and Beyond

Remi of Brāv Online Conflict Management knows a bit about gratitude. Helping others achieve employment, work from anywhere safe, private, and confidential, all while building peace, has helped get them in front of very important people, including Asia-Pacific mediation conference convener Tom Giglione.

As a result of their gratitude, they’ve been invited to keynote two speeches November 11–13th in Vietnam where many world leaders, including Prime…

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