20 Steps For Deep Learning & Deep Work

Actively & Dynamically Engaging Your Quantum Brain.

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Today life in the business world is fast paced, we have to be able to turn on a dime, think and react quickly like a Formula One racing car driver trying to avoid a crash. Life zooms by at lightning speed and it’s a blur. Tension and strain builds up as the brain drain commences as we glance at our list of goals that we have to, and want to accomplish. Our senses are in overload. Our mental bandwidth has short fused and we are depleted. Busyness and exhaustion have set in as we’re being bombarded by a frenzy of interruptions and distractions on every level.

Have you ever felt like this before?

I have and I’ve asked myself how am I going to make the impossible possible and complete everything.

The only way I know how to complete my lists and accomplish my missions is by creating a systemic deep work ritual.

Learn To Mastermind & Create Rituals for Accomplishing Your Goals
I’ve been creating deep work rituals for myself for years now. I organically feel the ritual being constructed in my life everytime I recreate one. The ritual is programmed biologically into me on a cellular DNA level. My nervous system is quickly being rewired with the ritual because I have previously created it with Neuroplasticity and it’s become a habit.

Neuroplasticity is also referred to and known as brain plasticity or brain malleability, because the brain has an articulated ability to acclimate, adjust and adapt to an environment and learned behavior. The brain can pivot, do a pirouette, turn on a dime and reorganize itself by
forming new neural connections.

Programming myself for a Deep Work Ritual sustains my concentration and focus with 100% commitment to my deep work, which is usually always one of my positive passions.

When you are working on a positive passion project you get into a zone that just simply eliminates overthinking and it removes obstacles because you are organically thinking outside the box, driving yourself beyond your own limited capacity and expanding your brainpower. This is how you will create distraction-free concentration while driving your cognitive capabilities beyond their limit.

Become The Curator of Your Quantum Brain | Deep Work Rituals.

Foundations for Developing the Quantum Brain — Deep Work Reality.

01. Establish Your Social Calendar 3 Months At A Time. Give Yourself Some Leeway.

02. Decide Where You Are Going Implement Your Deep Work, Eg. Home, Office, Library, Coffee Shop.

03. Create a Sacred Portable Work Altar. Pick Things That Help Ground You & Help You Focus.

04. Break Down Your Three Month Schedule Into Weeks. Create Time Boundaries For Your Whole Week Regarding What You Want to Complete and Finalize.

05. Carve Out Your Time Daily So You Can Work In Blocks Of Time Without Distractions & Still Have Freedom & Enjoy Life.

06. Choose The Best Time Of Day To Be Innovative, Think Outside of Box, Be Productive and do Your Deep Work.

07. Buy Your Groceries So You Have All The Nutritional Food You Want & Need.

08. Make Sure You Have All Supplements & Essential Oils that Support Your Brain To Attain Peak Performance.

09. Ensure That You Have All Supplements & Essential Oils that Support Your Hormones So They Are Balanced & You Can Work Optimally.

10. If You Are An Employee, Clear Your Mind. Remove All Mental Clutter That Has Leaked Into Your Brain From Your Job.

11. If You Are An Entrepreneur Disengage From Working In Your Business.

12. Take A Break & Resuscitate Your Brain. Even If It’s for One Day.

13. Decide What You Want. Align Your Energy with What You Want.

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Actively & Dynamically Engaging Your Quantum Brain For Deep Work.

14. Having unshakeable belief in ourselves, begins with the elimination of analysis paralysis and second guessing ourselves. If we don’t stop this, it starts the downward spiral of the five “D’s”, doubting, disbelieving, diminishing, discounting and dismissing ourselves. These five “D’s” disrupt, corrupt and erode our self esteem and self worth which are essential ingredients to sustain and turbo charge our belief in ourselves to ensure we do our deep learning and deep work.

15. Meditation is great for you. Meditate. Focus your attention on what you want with positive mindfulness, which is like a laser beam meditation in action. Its concentrated attention of being in the now, brings you into positive consciousness. When you access both positive mindfulness and positive consciousness in the present moment of time, you are able to access quantum creativity in the quantum field. It’s here where you can really get into the flow and harness the deep learning part of your deep work.

16. Nourish Your Vision, Deep Learning and Deep Work.

17. Exercise Daily. Determine The Time That You Will Be Exercising. Determine What Kind of Exercises You Will Be Doing. Determine How Long You Will Be Exercising.

18. Surround Yourself With Positive, Like-Minded People Who Support Your Deep Learning and Deep Work.

19. Be Mindful of When To Rest & Have Power Naps To Increase Your Alertness.

20. Schedule Your Sleep Daily.

Believe in Yourself. Believe in Your Power. Believe and You Will Achieve.

Want to Become a Valuable Commodity & Create Value With Your Life & For Others By Using Your Quantum Brain Consciously For Deep Learning and Deep Work?

If yes, repeat after me:

“I have created value with my life for myself and others. I have become a Valuable Commodity by Actively & Dynamically Engaging my Quantum Brain with Deep Learning and Deep Work.”

You’re DNA is being recoded now, creating new synaptic plasticity to have all of the above.

Now go out there and “ Think & Work Differently”!

Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life™

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Part of the article originally published at Success June 29th, 2017 & Success on July 25th, 2017 .

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