2016, You Have Been a Privilege

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The end of 2016 is near — another year of life’s seasons — some happy and prosperous and others sad and painful.

Another year that was here to test us, to strain our nerves, as if they were touching the strings of a guitar.

Another year of daily routines leaving us wondering of how they really make us feel.

Another year of moments of exhaustion and disbelieves that things could always be worse.

Another year of tension between people — spoken words on the edge that could have taken people apart.

Another year of letting go of the Physical presence of people near and dear to our hearts.

Another year of letting go of opportunities that closed behind us without us knowing why.

Another year of life’s puzzle pieces that somehow made sense when we look back at them.

Another year of reflection.

Another year of choosing to accept life’s tests.

Another year of choosing to love people unconditionally.

Another year of living in the now, not in the past or the future.

Another year of choosing to pick up the phone and hear people’s voices

Another year of playing the soundtrack of meaningful moments of laughter and joy.

Another year of choosing to be strong for others when they were weak.

Another year of choosing to learn from others.

Another year of building patience and strength.

Another year of being courageous in spite of fear.

Another year of choosing to make health a priority.

Another year of accepting that we are not always right.

Another year of choosing not to give up.

Another year of giving forgiveness.

Another year of choosing to be grateful.

Another year of trusting our intuitions.

Another year of healing pain and wounds.

Another year of being proactive not reactive.

Another year of celebrating an imperfectly perfect life.

Another year of being mindful of the value of every single day.

Another year of being privileged to be here and now.

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Dr. Kachovska is an internationally known Change Catalyst. She teaches individuals and organizations about awareness, connection and the need for change — personally, socially, and professionally.

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