2017 was such a fulfilling year. God surprised me in so many ways . My heart is full and I’m grateful for this new year. If you haven’t yet, please follow @sheatribe ✨ We’ve got so many exciting plans for you in 2018.

Some excerpts from my diary from 2017 : •


Commit yourself to love, evolution & self preservation. To love yourself is to respect and accept yourself. To improve oneself, nourish your mind, body and soul. .

Have faith in yourself, let go of the past and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Everything indeed happens for a reason but some can always be avoided. Have confidence in who you are and you’re lineage. .

Concentrate on your happiness. Do not seek approval or acceptance.God has already accepted you for all you are. Most people are lost themselves. Every single person no matter how much they’ve achieved or money they have in their bank account – are all fighting their own demons


Make yourself a priority and be selfish in reaching and pursuing your true potential. Don’t beat yourself up you’re only in your 20s. .

Don’t let bad energy in and always always listen to your instinct. If your intentions are not pure your energy will prove that point. Make sure you are walking in your truth and positive high vibrations. .

Hold your tongue , listen more and listen closely and be slow to act. .

Stay away from people who prove themselves to be less important than what your holy existence deserves. It can be very difficult to let go of things that are no longer good for you in your life. Take small steps to let go of the actions, thoughts or people who bring down your existence. Your happiness can only be as great as the lack of unhappiness in your life. It is important that you begin to remove the elements that fail to make you happy


Be proud of yourself , journey unshared & full of acceptance. Each lesson is a building block for your success. .

You cannot put a price on self-love

I wish you a year of love, success and good health.

#2018 🥂🙏🏿☝🏾