2018: Three Ways To #doitscared

I have been inspired by Living Well Planner Creator Ruth Soukup to adopt #doitscared as my theme for the new year 2018. While I definitely have practiced this theme on and off for many years now — I am highlighting it to keep me moving in the right direction. I am one of those women who is scared to be complacent, however, I am also a creature of routine. In fact, I thrive in routine.

For someone like myself with a mobile military lifestyle being a U.S. Navy spouse, I have experienced stretching myself to cope with deployments, losing a job so I could follow my husband, climbing the career ladder, feeling “stuck” in both my personal and professional life, becoming a mother, building a brick and mortar business overseas, meeting lifelong friends, finding support from extraordinary circumstances and traveling the world. Life is indeed a magical journey, a yin and yang.

What moves us? A lot of times, I hear from family and friends, “You never stop.” Well, easier said than done actually. While I admit that I have taken the road less traveled many times, I also have my moments of weakness, of disappointments, hurt and losses. I lose track of where I am suppose to be going. I also stumble and fall. But what keeps me moving is knowing in my heart, my drive to live.

My munchkin, my drive to live and be remembered as a writer.

In welcoming the new year, I connect my drive to live with these three ways on how to #doitscared in 2018 for a more meaningful existence and a fruitful year ahead:

Identify Your Passion

For many of us, we over complicate identifying what is that one thing we are passionate about. Personally speaking, I am aware that I have quite a few. The basic question that will lead you to answer is this — at this very moment, look deep within you, what makes you happy? What action or habit makes you happy? Could it be writing, reading or organizing? Remember no if’s and but’s — just focus on what makes you smile and lose yourself at this very moment.

Channel Your Passion With Your Emotions

“How do you want to be remembered ?”, is the next prompt for this stage. Now, add that one thing that makes you happy. So for me, what makes me happy is writing; to answer the question “How do I want to be remembered?” I would want my writing to reflect my innermost thoughts on topics I have strong feelings about and turn it into lessons for my growing daughter. My munchkin is growing fast, I would want to bottle up this moment for her because I am in the cusp of maturing and learning a lot of life’s lessons.

After answering the question, move on to letting your answer linger in your imagination. How do you feel? What emotions do you want to feel thinking about your answer? For myself, I wanted to feel being free, more creative, more vocal, more expressive of my thoughts and to say “Yes” to things I would normally hesitate about.

Identify What’s Holding You Back

At this point, you have identified one to three things you may be passionate about, you also answered the question how do you want to be remembered and associated the emotions that go along with it. Now…did you notice that I did not talk about goals? Not this time friend, this year, I am setting aside my usual list of goals I want to pursue, rather, I am focusing on “What I want to feel” as my guide to my true north. The feelings I am craving for will serve as my compass to #doitscared. Try this with me and let’s see where it will bring us together.

Have you started noting down the restrictions blocking you from feeling the emotions you are yearning? Not yet? Well, what are you waiting for? List them all down…Did these restrictions outnumber the emotions you wish to have? Disappointed because you will not feel these emotions unless these restrictions have been overcome? Wait, a minute…hang tight…look at these restrictions you have listed, I bet you, majority of these are self-imposed. What do I mean by that? You and only you have the key to find alternative solutions in crushing these restrictions. You heard me right! YOU have the control for most of these. Let’s see…the restrictions I have for myself included: lack of time to write, fear of not being good enough to write, and questioning my knowledge and skills in making it happen.

If we do not address these issues from hindering us, then, we will not be able to plan for solutions. Most of the self-limiting beliefs we identify that make us “stuck” could be solved by a change in mind set. Ask yourself, is this restriction within my control? If yes, then stare at it directly and find ways to own it. This year is about doing the things that scare us the most. These things that keep us year in and year out — the same. If we want to make this year different, we owe it to ourselves to #doitscared.