2018 Top Health Strategist Detoxing Bad Habits Worldwide..

Health Coaching is Detoxing Distractions, Stress, and Bad habits for Worldwide Workplaces..

  1. Kate Van Houten, Health Coach, Bridal Fitness Expert…

15 years experience in the health and fitness industry in Sydney, Australia.. She provides you the knowledge and tools to lose weight, get fit and stay motivated, and teach you the mindset to continue with this healthy lifestyle as a life decision. Taking a holistic approach to health, designed to sync with your current lifestyle. This means you’ll make subtle (yet highly effective) changes to your diet and how you move. No crazy boot-camps over here! Just simple and proven tweaks to your daily habits.

Today — deal with the body as a whole, the physical; both inside and out, the emotional and the spiritual. She believes there are so many aspects that are all equally important and they all need to be working in unison with one another so that the desired result can be achieved. She is helping clients deal with emotional eating issues, around weight loss and healthy eating habits.

HINT: You don’t have to spend your life in the gym, count calories or spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer to get your dream body. You can make simple lifestyle changes and transform your body in 90 days.

2. Leah Steele, The Burnout Mentor..

The secret weapon for the professional working woman, helping professional and corporate women manage stress, beat burnout and end overwhelm.

Leah exhaustion outweighed the enjoyment. She began to feel bitter, cynical and disappointed.

My weight was creeping up, my energy was at an all-time low and the phrase that kept running through my head was Is this it?’

I reached breaking point and burned out..

10 years of working 60–90 hour weeks coupled with a sudden and shocking bereavement, I felt like I had been on a roller-coaster for far too long. I suffered a complete collapse in my physical and emotional health. I was terrified that my friends and colleagues would think I was slacking off, that I was lazy and I felt like I should have had this all under control. I was trapped in fear and exhaustion; constantly in a state of flight or fight and living on the edge of my nerves. I felt nauseous, suffered constant headaches and problems with my back and neck, I wasn’t sleeping or eating properly and I couldn’t see a way out.

So her mission was to help women get clear on goals, values and everything else falls into place, strong women create flexible supported boundaries. She also help clients gain perspective, clarity and the ability to laugh and feel free again.

Are you ready to build resilience, beat burnout, let your career and life flourish?

3. Sally Twellman RDN, Holistic and Integrative Wellness Coach…

She helps people all around the world live happier, healthier lives, by empowering them to nourish their bodies with whole food and positive movement. Passion is helping others heal their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. She believes that if the wellness journey is a spiritual journey it is a beautiful opportunity to transform from the inside out.

Create sustainable habits that support feeling awesome in their body, mind and spirit, everyday
Develop mindfulness
Learn new ways to nourish mind, body and spirit daily

4. Cathy McCann, CNTP, Certified Nutritionist *Wellness…

She specializes in digestive health, because poor gut health is the epidemic cause that leads to many chronic illnesses.

There is so much information out there about health and nutrition, some good and some bad. But humans are bio-individual and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The sad truth is that our food system is broken. In the U.S., most people rely heavily on processed foods — whether purchased in the grocery store or a restaurant — that are full of chemicals and toxins. Our bodies can only take so much before they begin to break down. The young, growing bodies of children are especially susceptible.

She helps you sort through all of it, figure out the best strategy for you, your family, and support you through implementation of the new healthy lifestyle.

How to eat whole foods that will nourish and heal your body
How to read food labels and avoid chemicals and toxins
How to determine the foods that are best for your individual nutritional needs
How to remove environmental toxins from your home

5. Catarina Andrade, Leadership Coach and Conscious Mama Mentor…

She supports overwhelmed mothers to feel more calm, confident, and connected to themselves, their family, and their calling. Slinging a unique blend of spirituality and practicality, she guides women to deepen intuition, release mama guilt, and experience more ease, joy, and miracles every day.

After a decade leading multi-million dollar programs advancing maternal and child health globally, her motherhood journey of awakening led her to become a sought-after coach, international speaker, kundalini yoga teacher, and best-kept-secret mentor for female leaders juggling motherhood and making a difference.

Part strategist and part alchemist, Catarina has supported hundreds of women with sacred pregnancy, conscious motherhood, and making the divine contribution their soul yearns for.

The body has two natural stress-release mechanisms, breath and laughter. A slow breath or deep belly laugh activates our parasympathetic nervous system, switches off our stress response, and helps us show up fully present. It’s that simple! The cherry on top? Meditation.
I love practicing and teaching kundalini yoga meditations.

6. Nori Szanto, Founder of Busy Moms’ Happy Tribe…

Nori used to be a sports marketing executive and was involved in the organisation of major events such as the Olympic Games and various World Cups. However, after 20 years she decided to say goodbye to the corporate world in order to help mothers to live healthier and happier lives.

She has created a mobile fitness app offering short but efficient workout programs for busy moms and healthy recipes for the whole family.

Nori is a busy mom herself, she has two children (an 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter) and lives in Switzerland.

Helping Women to boost the level of energy by doing our 10 minute long workout programs
Giving practical tips on nutrition that are game changers for families
Improving the self confidence on different levels of users with the her app

7. Kirti Daryanani, Author, Facilitator and Educator of #Befriendurmind

Over 10 years of experience with yoga as a therapy and mindful method to relationship. Younger generations reach out because they struggle in relationships and She enjoys sharing with them how yoga was originally designed to relax the energy system and restore the self to freedom.

First: She helps befriend the mind, work with anxiety, restlessness, panic attacks.

Then: Working on freeing the self from difficult relationships.

Next: Customize and adapt techniques, taking into account cultural and social backgrounds.

She works with child psychology, cancer patients and the dying with mind fullness, breath and relaxation, then creating solutions for family dynamics to support them and relieve mental pressure.

59 daily mindful reminders to train the mind, increase awareness and experience a practical solution for all walks of relationship

8. Colleen Kern, Lifestyle and Health Coach, Lean On Bean Health Coaching..

I help busy professionals take back control of their health. I use lasting techniques that fit into their unique lifestyles by providing accountability and helping them conquer stress so they can FINALLY reach their goals!.

After the combined lifestyle of being a chronically ill and stressed CPA for 10 years, I decided something had to give and that my current career no longer served me. I felt compelled not only to learn more about nutrition but to help others navigate the uncertainty of changing health recommendations or reaching their health goals.

She helps professionals incorporate stress management and improve time management in their lives while bringing an accountability factor to the table in the meeting. We apply these concepts to their overall wellness goals so they can achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

I fully believe, health is not a destination, it is a journey. Together we can get there.
Grow into the Healthier, Happier, Authentic You!

9. Loren Manheimer, A Joyful Healthy Life Coach…

Loren has had a pretty interesting life and overcome a lot of challenges. She left a misogynistic religious upbringing, survived sexual assault, divorced an emotionally abusive husband, left corporate life, lost over 200 pounds (not a typo — 200) without surgery in her 40’s and basically changed every aspect of her entire life. She did all this by first changing her mindset about life, weight, health and happiness, and that allowed her to create a joyful, healthy, fun life that she loves. She wakes up smiling most of the time, and now helps other women (and really cool guys) do the same.

She specializes in helping people who are ready to make major changes in their lives. Also guiding people who have put their lives on hold while they try and hope to lose significant amounts of weight.

She guides them on how to shift to a more positive mindset anytime they choose so that they feel outstanding more often.

Healthier choices to restore worth to be the very best, supporting unconditional love for success.

10. Laura Donnelly, MFA, BA, Coach.. Dancing with Ease — Body-Brain Balance

Donnelly, MFA Theatre Arts/Dance — University of Arizona, is a choreographer, teacher, and self-employed biz consultant. She has taught dance in universities, public schools, and private studios. Donnelly has incorporated the Alexander Technique into her life since 1987.

Donnelly toured nationally with the Court Dance Company of New York and presented her choreography internationally with composer Philip Corner. Her performance experience encompasses Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, Renaissance and Baroque Dance.

Practicing the Alexander Technique has many benefits. People obtain relief from back ailments, postural problems, headaches, and breathing disorders. This helps all areas of life for improved performance in athletics, workplace, arts, and life.

Dancing With ease is a philosophy, a way of being, a way of interacting with the world, a method for creating composition work, an approach to performing, and a means for managing business while living gracefully
Kerry Morgan, Thrive writer..
A Holistic Lifestyle Mentor for Elite Entrepreneur and Corporations Worldwide teaching Daily Enhancement of Growth, Mindset, Wealth,with Focus and Awareness. She is the founder of 21st Century Blueprint, the modern way to Daily Self-Mastery & Wealth Blueprints within your 24 hrs. Building the basic skills of Self-Awareness, Self-Love and Self-Discipline to restore the foundation of Inner Strength.

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