21 min. a day to Conquer the 9 to 5 Grind.

Morning Ritual to gain success in the workplace..

Your day starts with you hitting the snooze button on the alarm for the second time.. You wonder to yourself if you should just call out sick. The night has been a scene from a haunted movie scary, jumpy, restless, and breathless..

As you shower you think about traffic, being late, what to wear, the painful earlier meeting, and Sue the manager will she be on your back again.. You think will it ever end..

This is just the first hour of your day…

You are thinking I haven”t even walked into the door where I will spend over 8 hrs of my time. Dealing with multiple personalities, multi tasking, content switching, skipping lunch to finish my deadline, and being commanded to perform on demand..

My creative mind is completely gone all the desire I had for this career has been fading day by day…

I wonder if this is just me or do must of the people in the world feel the same way about their life…

What if you had a simple Ritual or Blueprint to guide you into daily focus and a discipline mind?

I bet your are thinking really can that be true, because I would love to have the time to change my thoughts about my career, habits, and lifestyle..

What if I guided you into the reality that this could happen in just 21 min. a day..

That is right..

Are you ready? because time does not wait for your excuses..

For for the first 7 mins of your day… Stay in bed then go though a simple visualization session to boost your mindset and energy..

First see it in your mind everything you are grateful for in life. Great tip is to start with your self. (I am grateful for my arms, etc.) Then move to what is surrounding you in the room..

For the next 7 min. of your day.. Get up to write or record your top 5 intentions to achieve clarity in your day..

It can be as simple as taking actions like being more kind, listening, no judgement to others, stop complaining, less drama, more inner joy and a happier daily existence. Choosing to be your Best! You have to See it, Feel it, to Believe it..

For the last 7 min. in this session move your body.

Yup! you can do this by stretching, jumping jacks, push-ups, yoga, weights, tai chi, or anything that wakes up your physical body..

This is how to tap into the true authentic you. The 21st Century is filled with distractions that dis-rail you from being your best in everything you deserve.. Keep it Simple Sexy…

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