21 minutes a Day of Gratitude to discover High-Vibe Energy…

Are you ready to celebrate your 24 hr.?

First Ask yourself : “Am I happy with what I created in my day today?”

Did you hesitate when you read that? Maybe you were brave enough to admit the answer was less than a resounding YES!

Because we create the next experience by the choices and decisions we make every day..

Well, not only do you have the gift of 24 hours, you also have the amazing gift of choosing a new 24 hours.

You can choose, right now, to change your day so that by the end of it, you are happy with what you’ve created today.

You can raise your frequency, gain more energy, and fully tap into your highest power before the day is over. Even if it’s 11 PM and you’re already brushing your teeth.

All it takes is gratitude and 21 minutes a day.

Gratitude is the secret to spellbinding results in your life.

The number one thing an entrepreneur, mentor, and elite performer like yourself should do daily is get into the frequency of gratitude.

What are you grateful for? It’s such a simple question and starting off your morning with a gratitude list — not your to-do list — has powerful results. Remembering the things you’re grateful for is so powerful because it immediately centers you back into your heart.

All too often we look outside of ourselves for “the answers.” We fall into that trap of believing there is an answer and that we can only find it somewhere else. But when we’re intentional about gratitude, we tap back into the strength and power of our own internal compass, or what I call our Divine power.

You can start crafting a daily ritual to create a mindset of gratitude right now. Are you still brushing your teeth everyday? You can do this now, but going forward I recommend starting your day consciously in Divine power.

If you’re not sure where to start, try this for daily self-guidance.

“Today I am filled with happiness, joy, and peace. I improve my life by always doing my best. I am prideful, powerful, mindful, faithful, grateful, hopeful, joyful, thoughtful, successful, and skillful in all my thoughts.”

For me, the best part about tapping into your Divine power is that you only need 21 minutes a day.

How to design a satisfying life in only 21 minutes a day!

Tuning into your daily frequency of self-care, awareness, discipline, gratitude, and love is the beginning of celebrating your 24 hours, today.

I use this framework of a blueprint to guide my clients as they design the lives they want for themselves. People and houses have more in common than you might think.

  • Just like houses are made up of rooms with different purposes, you have different areas of your life
  • Each of those areas of your life can benefit from intentional design AKA a blueprint
  • Typically, clients and I work together to redesign their inner blueprints for gratitude, wellness, spirituality, and wealth

For now I’ll share with you my Gratitude Blueprint that I use with my High Achievers Tribe.

  • Every day, you’ll choose to be mindful of and recognize the things you’re grateful for. (breath, eyes, mouth, hands, walking, etc)
  • How you recognize these things is up to you. You can make a list on paper or just keep a running list in your head.
  • Each day you want to strive to recognize at least 25 things (if not more) you’re grateful for. Some days may be easier than others. On those harder days you especially can’t fall short of the 25.
  • It’s okay to repeat items. I’m sure you feel grateful for your friends and family everyday so it makes sense to list them. Try to keep a balance of the old and the new as you go.

Gratitude isn’t reserved solely for big, lofty things like a college education, the strength of your family ties, or even your home. You may be grateful for a special aunt and the chance you’ve had to reconnect with her on the phone, and also be grateful for finding a parking spot close to the store when your feet are tired! The focus is on feeling the gratitude.

How will you answer the question, “Am I happy with what I created in my day today?”

When you detox from the distractions that block your Divine power, you begin to bulletproof your performance. Use the blueprints I listed above so you can give permission to the energy you want to arise in your every day.

I challenge you to take the first step:

  • Be Disciplined

in your thoughts

  • Be Outstanding

in your life.

  • Be Inspired

by your big vision.

  • Be Empowered

by your actions.

  • Be Whole

with yourself.

  • Be in your Divine Power

with every breath..

When you decide you are worth more, you will commit to showing up in your Divine power every day, with no excuses.

Ready to get started, time does not wait for excuses?

Contact me to learn more about my 7-step blueprint.



Holistic Lifestyle Mentor for Elite Entrepreneur and Corporations Worldwide teaching Daily Enhancement of Growth, Mindset, Focus and Awareness. She is the founder of 21st Century Blueprint, the modern way to Daily Self-Mastery & Wealth Blueprints within your 24 hr day. Building the basic skills of Self-Awareness, Self-Love and Self-Discipline to restore the foundation of Inner Strength.

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