21 minutes a Day to build Elite Energy..

Get Ready to build a New Blueprint

“Everyone has the same amount of time in a 24 hr Day”

Oprah Just called You, YOU have one week to be interviewed on her show about Living your Dreams & Mastering your Day!

Would you be ready?

Oh Noooo….What DO YOU DO NOW!

You have wasted so much time on not completing tasks because of lack of discipline.

Where do you start to connect the missing dots?

If your income today, right at this moment, was dependent upon your inner-sum (the sum of the self-love, energy and frequency you hold today) —

Would it be enough?

Enough to pay the bills on time.

Enough to enjoy a dinner out once a week.

Enough to hire someone to clean your house once a month

Enough to make sure your children have clothes on their back, a roof over their head and sending them to school with a little extra lunch money.


Would it be more than enough.

Paying the bills before their due, kissing them with gratitude as you send them out.

Treating your best friends to a weekend away in Malibu. Mahi mahi served with champagne and secrets flowing over a warm outdoor fire.

Hiring a full time house cleaner and personal chef.

And sending the children off to a school that offers them not just an education, but an opportunity. A school that you’re able to choose based on intuition not tuition.

I am here to tell you that your income today DOES depend on your inner-sum and that you can have more than enough — you can have it all. It’s already inside of you.

And you can unleash it in just 24 hours.

You’ve heard it before — you are given the same 24 hours as everyone else. Oprah, Gabby, Marie, Danielle,etc Every women on earth..

But what you may not know is that they have a “person.” A person who plans that day for them, whispering in their ear, guiding them — mapping out exactly what do with their 24 hours.

What if you could connect to your higher-self for better guidance.

Are you ready?

To Detox your system to elevate your energy..

To take massive action…

To speak your truth and claim your permission to live in the 21st Century..

To Unleash Self- Awareness, Love, Discipline..

Reset your Mind Body & Soul.. A Detox Blueprint:

What you will need:

Lemon, Distilled water 6 gallons, Organic Apple cider vinegar
(Mrs. Bragg’s).

(Optional) Maple syrup, Cayenne pepper, Fresh ginger, Turmeric,
Super-food Maca Powder, Vegan protein powder.
(Add a teaspoon of the optional ingredients for a boost!)

4 Things to avoid when doing a Detox.

  • Caffeinated drinks (coffee, soda)
  • Alcohol
  • Sweets, Sugar, Chocolates
  • Overeating processed foods

This list makes your body dehydrated and effects your liver, while
upsetting your digestive system.

The Simple 7 day cure to Feeling Refreshed & Restored

Day 1: Warm water with lemon every morning for 7 days
before you do anything. (Drink any coffee, eat, etc.)

Mix 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of water
before lunch.

Day 2: No meat for the whole day, cook all your meals and only with extra
virgin olive oil.

Day 3: No processed foods or frozen prepared foods. Only
whole natural foods. (Shop in the outside edge of the grocery store Coolers only!

Day 4: Sweat out in a sauna or workout to get your sweat
glands working. (Detox your Skin)

Day 5: Meditation & Relaxation. Morning & Night 7 min of
Writing in a Journal, Meditation Coloring books, Walking outside, or
Favorite Hobby!

Day 6: Cut out all Dairy, egg, & cheese for the whole day!

Day 7: Journal on how your Mind, Body, & Spirit is feeling after the 7 Days.

Start over again as many times you want!

The Blueprint Goddess

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Kerry Morgan is the CEO of Corporate Wellness
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