21 minutes a day to Detox Distractions..

Are you ready to Captivate Your Confidence

The Vitality Blueprint to Daily Mastery..

Life is meant for Mastery & Simplicity..

The Greatest Leaders in history have done one task, service, skill, until they mastered the concept.. The past has showed us how Leaders created and crafted ideas into modern day dreams…

Many humans in the 21st Century can relate to having a idea but letting it float away due to distraction or lack of belief. The reason for this loss of focus while getting distracted by the next shiny object..

Do you want to know my hidden gem to stay focused… (Keep reading)

My Daily Ritual Blueprint:

I Love connecting to my Breath and being grateful that I am alive everyday… I then begin to see all my wins in life and how lucky life can be (I have to pinch myself sometimes).

This leads me to some secrets I have developed over the last 20 years being an Entrepreneur & Living Holistically… Keep it Simple, Do the daily self-care consistently with Energy boosting rituals.

A Habit is a continuous action you do over & over until it becomes involuntary or a force deep within your soul.

The three top Vitality Blueprints I tune into are..(Drum roll)
Self- Awareness, Self-Love, and Self-Discipline.. in that order..

Maybe you are wondering why in this order.. well because gaining clarity along with some simple action steps helps move you forward with Legendary Inner Strength.

But first know…Everyday is a gift, your mind is sacred. Please detox distractions that are not aligned to your authentic purpose.

How are you packaging your day to present your Best version to the world?

Are You Protecting your Gifts?

Are you Sharing your Gifts?


Are You hiding your gifts?

The 21 min. breakdown sessions…

Self-Awareness: Breath and connect to your thoughts for 7 mins.

Write down what your are Grateful & Thankful for total time (7 min). Journal daily on your wins in this lifetime.. (Master your Mindset)

Self-Love: Have a Love affair with yourself for 7 min.

Reflect on your last 7 min. by feeling the love in the story…Start every sentence with I Love.. EX: I love the way my pen has crafted the powerful words into my new story… (Heal your Heart)

Self-Discipline: Integrity with your consciousness, showing up consistently with positive thoughts, habits, and values.

Create some organic energy by doing push-ups, jumping jacks, yoga, walking. etc (7 min.). Move your physical body…

Simplify your 24 hours by giving your body energy & mastering your mind with meditation. In just 21 minutes a day, which you can break down into the above (3)7 minute time frames to build the Blueprints of Self-care and Inner Strength.

Find a word that helps you detox distractions away from your daily action sequence. ACT, ZONE, FOCUS when you say your power word laser focus consumes you.

Confidence is built by consistent action steps through your fearful thoughts & claiming your performance in your divine power.

Our soul is a powerful energy source that seeks guidance and unity. Sometimes our true calling is right in front of our eyes and all we need is an eye opening experience to push us in the right direction.

To Battle Overwhelm or Distraction: Get Grounded…Go for a Massage 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, to let go of Stress by finding your unlimited love for life. Go for a walk with out your phone, just listen to the birds…watch squirrels, look at the clouds, or gaze at the stars..

When you lose track of time you are in flow, the genius zone, endless love.

You are what you think of everyday or what you put your energy into daily starts to grow into your life.

Trust yourself, Trust your Ability, Trust your Instinct, Trust Your Faith, Trust your Energy, and most of all TRUST YOU!

How to make space for your Inner Strength to Detox Distraction.

Let go of the old belief blueprint that formed from your parents, grandparents, or friends, a limiting mindset on how to live your life.

Confidence is a feeling of trust from the decisions you will make about your true path or the journey you want to walk daily.

Are you 100 % in for 2018?

Do you want a clear mind, or clean slate to change your outcomes?

Do You want to find time to reconnect to your inner gut , your inner voice?

Take a good Look at your environment is it working for you?

How can you create organic energy to live your best life?

Who are the 5 friends you must hang around daily in your private inner world? ( that’s who you will become)

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