28 things I Learned by Living on the Beach in Thailand that Made me a better Entrepreneur

As you may or may not know, I spent my winters in Asia. It’s my sabbatical and my creative break. It is the catalyst for everything I do. Over the years, so much has happened on that beach that has made me a better person, helped grow my business, and has made me a better entrepreneur.

Here are my 28 things I learned by living on the beach in Thailand that made me a better entrepreneur.

  1. I learned how to let go and be present. Slowing down is a beautiful way to speed up the process.
  2. I danced like nobody was watching (sometimes in the rain).
  3. I missed deadlines for the first time and figured out that not everything is that important. Nobody cared.
  4. I stopped doing Ashtanga yoga everyday. I started mixing it up instead. I approached life and work with more flexibility and ease.
  5. Starting the day with meditation makes everything better.
  6. I fell in love and I let myself be distracted by it — I realized I’d been too busy putting my work first I had missed this chapter in life.
  7. I started teaching meditation — dance meditation, kundalini meditation, whatever I feel like meditation
  8. I lived without electricity and learned how to not be a slave to my gadgets.
  9. Breaking my own rules and staying up all night is awesome at all ages.
  10. I did a detox and rejuvenated my body. I decided to keep an Alkaline, Gluten Free, Caffeine free, sugar free diet — my energy skyrocketed!
  11. Having no privacy in a tight nit tribal community really makes you grow as a person. You can’t get away with your shit.
  12. I learned how to be happy with less.
  13. I sat and did nothing for an entire day and then several weeks. It fueled my creative drive and output.
  14. I decided to go into business for myself and not return to full time work .
  15. I launched my first website from the beach.
  16. I started my mailing list and began to write articles regularly and stuck with it to this day.
  17. I stopped responding to emails and texts immediately. Nothing is that urgent. I set a schedule for such activities instead.
  18. I made myself vulnerable, I let the pain soften me and let my anger dissipate.
  19. I realized I hate being confined by people and spaces. I have itchy feet.
  20. I decided to lead by example and defy the status quo.
  21. I started posted my Daily Dose of inspiration. We are almost are reaching our 3 year mark now.
  22. I created my first workshop and taught it. I have been teaching lots of those ever since!
  23. I got a book coach and wrote the outline for my first book.
  24. I let go of my rigid routines and discovered ease by going with the flow.
  25. I learned to believe in magic.
  26. I realized I deserved to be happy just like everyone else and that I don’t have to chase it. I just had to open my eyes.
  27. I decided to become a digital nomad and finally give up the idea of fitting in.
  28. I decided to publicity share my thoughts and stories.

Originally published at silviachristmann.com on September 17, 2015.